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What is The

Opulenzo Oath?

Here at Opulenzo, we realize that each customer’s tastes are exclusive and thoroughly unique to their desires.

Discovering the perfect jewellery could turn into a herculean affair if you’re confined to a finite selection, crafted and curated from another’s perspective. In an ode to the very nature of your proclivities, we couldn’t possibly unload any piece of jewellery that wasn’t absolutely to your liking and effortlessly fit with your personal style.

Pursuing this endeavor, Opulenzo makes you a simple promise. We’ll forge or customize any piece of jewellery based on your affinities, no matter how eccentric and challenging.

All you need to do is tell us what you want! Our designers will hand over the reins which means you'll have unlimited influence in crafting the jewellery that you wear. This is the Opulenzo Oath to all our incredible customers.

the Opulenzo edge

four Generations of Expert Diamantaires

Opulenzo has had a deep-rooted presence in the diamond manufacturing business for over four decades. Our seasoned artisans afford unmatched craftsmanship, finesse and artistry that you'd be hard pressed to find at any other jewellery destination.

With a wide range of impeccable designs to choose from, Opulenzo’s jewellery is an incarnation of time-honored elegance and sophistication.

Fully Customized Jewellery

Rather than impose our idea of what jewellery should be on you, we prefer to pave a pathway for utmost flexibility and freedom. This allows for you to personally customize the metal, carat, colour, gemstone, etc. without being restricted by what we choose to show you.

If you decide that our designs aren’t for you and you’d like to go full-blown rogue with your jewellery instead, you absolutely can! All you need to do is send us pictures and/or descriptions of the kind of jewellery you want and we will make it our mission to blow you away.

100% Certified Jewellery

The confidence that you entrust upon us is our stronghold to excellence. Opulenzo's jewellery is accompanied by certificates from GIA, HRD, EGL and IDI.

An endorsement from these independent world-class gemological institutions ensures you can shop at ease knowing that all our products bear an indisputable hallmark of quality.

Conflict Free Diamonds

We pride ourselves on orchestrating our activities to live up to an uncompromising moral code.

This is why Opulenzo ascertains that all its diamonds are sourced responsibly and ethically and do not go on to fund illicit trading activities, rebel movements or political upheavals.

Lifetime Exchange and Buyback

This is definitely a given. Making Opulenzo your go-to jewellery destination means that you will receive the benefit of upgrading or exchanging your jewellery at any point in the future at the prevailing rates without breaking a sweat. No hassles and no questions asked.

Free Shipping

This one's on us. Your jewellery will be securely packaged, insured and shipped to your whereabouts without you having to incur any of the aforementioned charges. Of course, this will be carried out with the highest possible care and attention to security.

30 Day Refund Guarantee

If the product delivered to your doorstep isn't cohesive with your explicit expectations, no worries. Opulenzo offers a 100% refund on all its jewellery returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. No fine print, no catch!

The Opulenzo


Here's an homage to all the wonderful memories we've shared with our customers. Take a look at what they have to say!

My Opulenzo Experience

“I purchased the ‘Belladonna’ pendant from Opulenzo and can I just say,

it's simply stunning. It definitely suits me perfectly. I couldn't be happier. I've recommended you guys to all of my friends!!!”

My Opulenzo Experience

“I had a bit of a last minute jewellery emergency. I had to attend a relative's wedding a couple of weeks ago. I had my dress ready for action but absolutely no jewellery tomatch!

Thankfully I came across this website. The awesome thing is - with the ‘Bespoke Shopper’ page, I was able to find the ‘Evermore’ pendant set. It went splendidly with the outfit I wore. Thanks for being a life-saver Opulenzo!”

My Opulenzo Experience

This Mother’s Day, I got the best gift ever! A ring from Opulenzo! And not just any ring, the ‘Elite Blaze’ ruby ring that is the most beautiful one I’ve seen.

I have a feeling I’ll be spending most of my leisure hours on your website henceforth.

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