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The Jewellery Guide

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After you’ve selected your dream bridal attire it’s now time to accessorize! With so many options out there, you’re just a hair’s breadth away from going overboard or worse, running the risk of falling just short of the mark. Jewellery is your one shot to shine brilliantly! (pun intended).

While it may be tempting to load up on the biggest and glitziest bling on the market, you don’t want to over accessorize your way to a fashion fiasco. Here are 4 simple rules to finding the perfect accessories to complement your bridal beauty.

Match Your Baubles to Your Apparel

To avoid an unflattering contrast between your jewellery and garments, ensure that you select ornaments in similar shades to add fluidity to the overall look. Gold jewellery may not flow well with white or ivory regalia and vice versa.


When considering a white gown one must contemplate solitaires or white gold. These add to the overall purity of the look and give the bride a vestal charm.

Similarly, red and green dresses will warrant more earthy tones. Red gemstones like rubies embedded in a yellow metal framework are largely popular among the Indian bridal community.

Off-white and cream coloured outfits will be perfectly underscored by gold jewellery and any gemstones having subtle yellow undertones to highlight the creamy tint of the fabric.

Know Your Neckline

Gaudy’s Gotta Go

Mating the appropriate jewellery as per your outfit’s neckline is a crucial prerequisite to add character to your clothing.

If your wedding apparel has intricate embroidery work across the neckline, keep the necklace simple yet elegant with a gold or platinum pendant suspended by a light chain. Exaggerating your bling could create an awful clash between necklace and neckline.

V-Neck for your D-Day

This type of cut can effortlessly highlight your face and neck provided it is paired with some flattering accessories.

Long earrings and a long pendant necklace will bridge the gap between neck and neckline. Our designers suggest opting for colourful baubles to add a splash of animation to your apparel.

A V-Neckline can be underlined with a choker style necklace as well. This brings out the V shaped curve and makes for beautiful decorational symmetry.

Sweetheart Neckline

This particular type of neckline leaves ample room for a more full bodied necklace.

A beautiful pairing would be a gemstone embedded necklace with a heavy pendant motif suspended from the main frame. This will perfectly sit between the curves in your neckline and accentuate your décolletage to perfection.

Halter Neckline

A halter neckline naturally gives the illusion of a necklace and one should never make the mistake of pairing a heavy set or even a simple pendant with it. In fact, due to this naturally high set neckline, one can comfortably choose to forgo a necklace altogether.

To add some panache to this fuller cut, one can secure one’s tresses in a bun with the help of a pearl, diamond or crystal hair comb. Minimalist solitaire studs will prevent you from over accessorizing this classic look.

Off Shoulder or Bateau Neckline

Another elegant neckline that leaves plenty of room for a more able and full bodied neck decoration.

An off shoulder neckline warrants a choker style necklace with long earrings. For a bateau one could also use a pendant that gracefully drapes over the neckline. This will help accentuate your décolletage.

If you’ve opted to go for a vintage wedding apparel, a perfect contrast can be achieved by pairing this with modern style light weight jewellery.

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Playing It Safe

When in doubt about your bridal jewelry, play it safe! Foolproof, reliable accessories can be found in subtle diamond drop earrings and a beautiful solitaire pendant to match. A delicate diamond bracelet could also be your ride-or- die companion.


The key here is to keep it simple yet not too simple. Wedding apparel with more embroidery work can be mated with less jazzy bling and vice versa. Also, try gauging the tone of your ceremony. A beautiful informal setting in a backyard with floral decorations or a classy ballroom ceremony should dictate the tone of your clothing as a general rule of thumb.

Informal settings can warrant more laidback yet gorgeous floral fabrics for your wedding attire. This can be paired with modern light weight floral or heart jewellery.

On the flip side, rich flowing attire would go hand-in-hand with an ornate background. This can be completed with heavy set diamond jewelry.

You Do You

Speaking of textbook clichés, this one’s a classic; Stay true to Yourself. Select the outfit and jewellery that are a true reflection of who you really are.

If you’re not comfortable in a glamorous wedding dress with ostentatious solitaire earrings and if a mellow gown with floral prints and minimalist bling is more your style, then go for it. Either way, no one coul d ever outshine you on your big day!

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