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Solitaire Pendants

Even before the Beatles popularised the correlation between diamonds and stars, diamonds were every woman’s heartfelt desire. To some, it exemplified their ambitious nature, that of reaching for the stars. And to others, those who were romantically inclined, it objectified the efforts one would go through to express love. Million meanings, one image. A glinting stone shining in all its ethereality.

Origins of a legacy

Gold pendants were and always have been on the frontiers of this warfare known as fashion. Donning a million avatars, the classic pendant has displayed excellent survival skills in a rather fickle environment where consistency leads to death. But as the face of fashion changes with the passing of each moment, so does these trinkets need to match up to changing times, or else vanish. Designer pendants can be deemed as the vanguard of modern day fashion trend. And in this era, being a little self-pampering never harmed. And that is why we bring to you, articulation in design, the very ABC of ethereality, the Alphabet pendant collection.  

Hailing from ancient French, pendant as a word comes from “pendre” which means “to hang down.” Heaps of books can be gathered which speak of pendants as something that hold mystical powers. Being quite a famous aspect of ancient folklore, pendants have enjoyed a celebrated existence.

Solitaire pendants came to be in the era of Industrialisation when cutting diamonds was an easier process. Not only was accuracy assured with modern machinery, but obtaining newer shapes to fit innovative pendant designs was also a surefire possibility. In the wake of this awesome finding, the jewellery industry experienced a rising “star” in every sense — the exquisitely designed solitaire pendant.

The consummate gifting solution

Gifting is that tricky arena where stepping a wrong step would end your game even before you realise it. Jewellery gifting can get a tricky undertaking, at times. Treading slowly on what seems like thin ice, you invest thoughts spanning through days at stretch. When the smile of your person is the end result you are aiming for, when you aren’t willing to compromise with basics, when you want the moment of gifting a cherishable memory you would love to revisit with her, that’s when option for substandard is a definite no-no. Solitaire pendants online make gifting easy. Now you would not have to hunt for the best by lying to her about your whereabouts. Scroll through thousands of solitaire pendant designs online. Options so many at your disposal, you arrive at the end of your wits deciding which one would suit her the best simply because all our designs are mesmerizing in their own mystic ways. Also, while all of that is said and done, let not your Mister stay far behind. Rummage through our website to find that one ecstatic piece for the person who cringes at the thought aggrandizement. Lure him in with our impeccable collection of Men’s jewellery. Next thing you know, he might be surfing through our site more than you. Not that bad a deal, right?

Solidify your bonds with the promise of solitaire

“Diamonds are forever” is a term familiar to many. Abiding by this, we bring to you an interesting collection of solitaire pendants to cement your bond with the woman of your dreams in sparkling fragments of scintillating excellence. Opulenzo’s solitaire pendant is designed by artisans who excel at what they do and each product undergoes multiple scrutinizing levels of Quality check because out of all things in life, quality is something you just can’t let go without a second glance.

That you get the value for your money remains to be at the core of every endeavour we undertake; every stone we carve and every product we make. Now, you have thousands of designs to choose from. Buy solitaire pendants online and experience luxury at the most affordable prices. And probably the tightest hug you could ever receive.