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Solitaire Bangles

Trinkets that ensure dazzling eternity

Having established themselves as the ultimate baubles that reminisce your roots, bangles are and will remain to be fragments of our culture we carry forward with us into the future. When these elegantly, circular representations of a culture that has prevailed endless tides of change, enter the modern era they get better. Their simplicity provides the scope to adapt and hence to survive.

Solitaire bangles: magic redefined

Royalty gushes out of this trinket; exuding beauty that equates to that of a heavenly apsara, the solitaire bangle is amazing objectified. A subtle shimmer that it carries adds to your outfit rendering you an outstanding aura. Bringing together the best of both worlds, solitaire bangles emulate fine creation. Artisans possessing massive reserves of experience and displaying razor-sharp adroitness, solitaire bangle designs at Opulenzo are state-of-the-art to say the least.

Solitaire bangles hold the flair to enhance any outfit you can think of, without mitigating in itself thus making it a stand alone trinket. Every fashionista’s first resort, solitaire bangles are that just what the world of fashion needs right now.

However, another raging trend that’s catching up these days is the broad bangle. Emitting modish exuberance, broad bangles are catching up as the equivalents to solitaire bangles, together aiming for fad world domination.

A union specifically designed for the wonder that’s you!

Fine gold and precisely cut diamond spiral down like a dream in motion to blend and form the marvel that it is. Indulge in the sheer beauty of solitaire bangles and you will experience world class artisanry at work, first hand. Bangles available in various shades of colour and purity, you will run out of reasons to not buy some. Solitaire bangles in yellow gold have been an all time favourite for quite some while now. Just to jazz things up a notch, we bring to you solitaire bangles in rose gold and solitaire bangles in white gold to spoil you with options.

You can now buy online solitaire bangles and open unexplored portals of awe. Awe so infectious, it keeps passing on, wherever you go.

Perfect for everyday wear

Solitaire bangles are tangible answered prayers of every working woman ever. Wanting some element of jewellery that is grand but “not that much”, solitaire bangles are just what falls on that invisible thin line. Carry elegance with you to the board meeting or to that client meet at the cafe, your solitaire bangle would meld with the surrounding. Buy Solitaire jewellery online and makes your fad quo impeccably omnipresent. While you present that ultra important presentation or chill for a brainstorming session, you sparkle. And so we also bring to you an excellent range of single line bangles are subtle in appearance and their shine so longlasting that you can wear them on forever and its shine won’t mitigate even a shade. Perfect baubles for workaholic that’s you, isn’t it? Our motto at Opulenzo being fulfilled every time you shine, it is you who is at the pith of all that we do here. To bring out the best in you attire and appearance serves as the fuel that keeps us going.

The everlasting talisman of good fashion

Bangles have been an inseparable of Indian attire and over the years have accumulated various significances. Some used it to portray marital statuses and some consider them to be talismans that bring you good luck and fortune. It matters not what your motive for donning a bangle is, because the moment you slide them on, your fortune is amaze on the style front. If being stunned by ornate lattice work and fine jewellery making is something you fancy, then you must run your eyes through our designs if you can avoid being fixated on one. Only if you can.