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Solitaire Jewellery

The stars they speak in glimmery words And they speak in envious tones Every time you walk down the roads Wearing celestially magnificent stones.

Delve in the wondrous world of solitaire jewellery

Ever since its very inception, solitaire jewellery has enjoyed an elite status in the realm of jewellery and that comes as little surprise to us. The glorious glare and the elegant elan of solitaire jewellery was too hard to miss back then and the same trend holds water even today. And though your jewellery emulates a modish arsenal, your diamond jewellery items are your favourites for reasons obvious as any. Opulenzo acknowledges how dear your baubles are to you and hence we put all of our 4 decade old knowledge of handling precious stones into every product that leaves our shed.

Solitaire jewellery designs are made with such specificity and finesse that you can’t help but gaze at the marvel resting in front of your eyes. Every rock resting on precious metal has been meticulously designed and placed with accuracy and adroitness so that you only get better than the best and that is what we aim at eternally. Expanding over a wide range of products like rings and nose pins and many more, the all-compassing legacy of solitaire jewellery travels far and wide.

Rendezvous with a timeless wonder

A lot of people may relate the term solitaires with the size of a diamond which by the way has nothing to do with it. In actuality, solitaires are any such product with has a single diamond to itself. Because of the focal point of these products being the glinting precious stone, it is usually the most sought after product for matrimonial rituals like Engagement rings and wedding rings. Popularized from the Victorian era, the Solitaire line of products have carved itself a cozy niche among all that’s fad.

And in case you wonder that this line of jewellery is only limited to woman then you are mistaken. The brilliance of solitaire jewellery hasn’t only transcended time and trends but also gender barriers. Solitaire jewellery for men who like to up the ante with a modish outlook is now available and climbing vogue charts with maddening paces.

Know thy buy

How well do you know your diamonds? Know about the 4 C’s of diamond anatomy? Brilliant! You are almost there. But just before you go ahead and stud your armoury with these stunning trinkets, you need to know a tad more. Apart from just the 4 C’s, you need to know about the various kinds of setting which supports the solitaire on the band which is the metal based ring. Though there may be a variety even in these, the prong setting is the most used sought after, simply for its durability and holding the solitaire firmly. On a minimal basis, a prong should, at its least, comprise of 3 prongs. Now this can be altered as per the shape of the stone used and the durability required to keep it in place. The prongs can go 4 or even 6, pertaining to the shape of the solitaire used.

Other settings include the Bezel setting and the Halo settings that bring out the best from the diamond you don, by making it gather more light and appear bigger and shinier no matter which angle it rests in. The Halo setting especially does not concern itself with just one diamond. It however does consist of a central large solitaire diamond which is then surrounded by smaller diamonds to add to the grandeur. Our largest collection of solitaire rings ensure that all of the settings and prongs are accurately made. No compromises here.

Legacy comes online

In the Internet era, there remains barely anything that evades the ever-expanding arms of the web. Exquisite Solitaire jewellery designs online is just what you need to enjoy luxury at just the click of a finger. You can now buy solitaire jewellery online with the ease of saying cheese. Our lucid user interface leaves no hint of doubt in your mind when you order our products. You will also receive a confirmatory mail specifying the details of your purchase so that all the mist of unclarity is mitigated to negligibility.

The occasion no longer matters. If the urge is to go bling but you still don’t feel like straying too far away from the subtle yard, then Opulenzo’s solitaire jewellery is just for you.

Entice envy in the celestials, for you deserve every bit of it. Buy solitaire jewellery online