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Engagement Rings

We live in times when “put a ring on it” is more than just an expression, it is a commitment! One made to last for eternities. One that cements in flesh what has been made in paradisiacal realms.

And if you mistake engagement rings to be something of a recent doing, then that is an irrevocable gaffe. History exits to validate the claim that they have survived massive tides of time.

The evidences of the need of a ring to solidify matrimonial bonds go all the way back to the 7th century when the first mention of it was found in the Visigothic Code. In here was it mentioned that if the ritual of betrothal has been performed with the exchange of rings, then that is a bond that should not be broken even in the absence of a written commitment (meaning a documented Marriage).

Early Christian Authorities famed the act by declaring the solidarity of bethrotals in the form of an engagement ring. Pope Innocent Ⅲ, wanting to test the commitment of the pair intending to tie itself in the holy bond of a wedlock, enforced this law. This law caught flame which ignites the very soul of weddings in postmodern times.

Today, the act of exchanging engagement rings holds vital importance. Rings embellished to suit the whims of a pair mad in love is a growing trend. No matter what your idea of ideal marriage is, you will find a design as unique as you. With a plethora of gold rings and solitaire rings barely a stone’s throw away, you have every means to beautify your marriage right at your doorstep.

Variety of rings doing the rounds in today’s era, espousing couples, are beyond your comprehension. From Diamond Engagement Rings to blind you by its glare, to variegated gemstone engagement rings to add the colour punch to your wedlock, you have an ocean to voyage.

A perfectly designed couple band sure goes as long as your bond would - which is to say forever whereas a solitaire ring would never let the love spark fade.

At Opulenzo, we bring the merger of postmodernist beauty with the essence of tradition to actuality. “A bond that’s made last forever shall never dampen” is what remains to be our inspiration every time. With rings starting from ₹27,000 onwards, let not engagement rings break your wedlock spirit into a sweat.

Gold jewellery so replescendant, so pure and ethereal, it depicts tangible perfection. With Opulenzo, you’ve just ameliorated what is already beautiful - a commitment. One made to last for eternities.