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Cocktail Rings

“Gaudy’s gotta go” is the mantra to be the eye candy at that social gathering. But though we are subjected to the belief that “simplicity reigns,” we as a race go for what shines brighter.

Elaborations attract no matter how hard we deny our inclinations. The magnetism that bling holds is what gets us starry eyed. And the spirit of shine and spark could not be withheld by anything else but Cocktail rings. These retro rings dating all the way back to the Roaring Twenties is successfully pushing its path to make it to the 21st century party, in style.

What is a cocktail ring?

In basic terms, a cocktail ring is an over-the-top decorated trinket that gives it the ritzy feel. This may be regarded as showy by some, but the esoteric jewellery lovers would know that this is the whole point of donning a cocktail ring. Or as some would also call it Cluster rings or dinner rings.

What is the reason behind all this bling?

Spiralling back in time, let’s go back to when America banned alcohol. Unbelievable as that may sound, the prohibition era was just as real as it gets. This was when people arranged parties and drank to their guts limit. America witness some major reforms in these years which are famously known as “Prohibition era.” One of those prime reforms were of women who could now enjoy freedom. Initially, these rings were merely oversized and primarily diamond rings which later switched to other precious stones like rubies and emeralds. In terms of precious gems, no stone was left unturned as emeralds and rubies and diamonds were used massively. The trend caught on immensely. So much so that no mere economic class was left out. Stones of a lesser value were used so that women from not-so-elite a class can slurp some luxury of their own. All in all, women in the “jazz era,” which is the early 1920s, sure knew how to get the bling right!

Cocktail rings now.

Jumping back to the current era, we see that the cocktail rings have sure come a long way from the shadows of notoriety. They’re now a symbol of panache and flair. Glitz and glam. Ostentatious is the new subtle and a cocktail ring sits right at the top of the chain. Bringing back fashion is something we are well versed with. But never did we ever fathom that in an era of minimalistic designs, the cocktail ring would flourish at this pace. Cocktail ring designs have turned out to be every bit chic as the years advance. Avant-garde on the fad frontier, these rings are here to add the actual jazz to your garb.

Cocktail rings and Opulenzo

At Opulenzo, we have always believed in the pursuit of what keeps you a couple-a steps ahead of the crowd making you a “cut above the rest.” we anticipated the return of an era and hence our artisans got to work before the rage got on. Buying cocktail rings online is just as easy as saying a yes to some sparkling champagne. Just select your specifications and you’d have your bit of stardust adorning your finger. Paired with some simplistic bridal rings on your big day and you would certainly be a sight to behold. Got unconditional love to express and you don’t quite know how? Well, go the tried and tested way, if foolproof is your kinda thing. Bands so elegantly designed and artistically crafted that withdraw affirmative nods almost instantly.

You also get to choose from a wide range of diamond cocktail rings, to funk up a night full of shenanigans and guilty pleasures. Cocktail parties got amped up and how!

Cheers to a good night!!!