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The core of the Hindu marriage ceremony soon earned itself a niche across religions and turned out to be the an essential component of weddings throughout the nation.

Today, the tanmaniya is an integral part of everything matrimony. Also colloquially called the Mangalsutra, this version of the necklace has been a wedding essentiality since a very, very long time.

You’d hear talks about the this trinket when there are wedding bells chiming in proximity, the fragrance of henna impregnates the air and the blush of the bride to be is hard to miss.

The pride of every Bride, a tanmaniya just gets better with Opulenzo. With every niche and arch crafted with finesse and adroitly, you will outspark all those who stand in your wake — including your groom.

Being ambivalent in nature, the Tanmaniya is actually a mesh of two worlds. Traditional essence of matrimony and the simplicity of modern day jewellery that helps you draw a line saying, “happily wed.”

It is the elegance and the charm of the Mangalsutra that makes it a versatile with every outfit you don. So now you would not have to ruffle through your bijouterie box trying to hunt for a new neck piece every time an occasion turns up.

It could be the stellar one piece or the majestic lehenga, your mangalsutra would do justice to both eventually making you the talk of the scene for your absolutely amazing combination of attire and accessory. You can now buy mangalsutra online to add all the charm to your wedding minus all the hassle.

To take things up a notch, because that is what drives our purpose here at Opulenzo, we bring to you Diamond Tanmaniyas that add to the glare, blinding all those who come your way with its sheer scintillation. A diamond tanmaniya is made, meticulously so, by our expert diamantaires and gold jewellery manufacturers which ensures that each piece fills all criterias of belonging to the elite class of quality and finesse. Same holds true for a diamond mangalsutra as well. Choose from an vast range of diamond mangalsutra designs online and revel in the endless choice we offer.

To make your wedding a wholesome experience, we intend to take care of all your accessorising woes with our Bridal set collection. Covering the A’s to the Z’s of your all jewellery needs. Let not your man lag too far behind when it comes to leading the vogue army. Interesting men pendants resonate the quiet and alluring charm of your man, in every perceivable manner possible.

Pendants so vivid and designs so exquisite, you barely need to look elsewhere. Our mesmerizing designer pendants command attention like no other, of which you’d be the first victim.