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Designer pendants

Belonging to the elite class is now easy as ABC. Pendants have always been a trinket that’s effortlessly rippled vogue waves since its inception. Ask any modern day fashionista and you’d know of the immense transformational powers of the designer pendants and the charms they exude.

Simply put, a Designer pendant has what it promises — the assurance that what you wear is exclusive and has been intricately worked on, levitating your game a couple of notches higher. After all, it is Opulenzo’s driving motto, to transmogrify your scene to A Cut Above The Rest.

There comes a time when the occasion demands you to dress somber. Sometimes the occasion demands the solitaire jewellery charm, or sometimes the radiance of pure gold jewellery. Or sometimes, utterly formal occasions, more often want you to adhere to a rather monotonous dress code that would make the whole affair sound duller than gloomy skies. What do you do then? Allow the society to dictate terms for you at your own bib and tucker game? We agree to disagree.

Here at Opulenzo, we believe that bling has always been that cutting edge. Ameliorating our preexisting beliefs, our designer pendants have been crafted to match the very belief we hold. That being, no matter what the occasion calls for, you need to be the best there is to you and you need to put your best foot forward, no matter where. That’s the sign of a winner and you know how winners work. They take it all. With a well dressed, and more importantly, well accessorised attire, there is little that can actually misfire. With the assurance that you are at the prime on your appearance frontier, you fume out confidence with every stride.

With One trinket from our collection and you’d find yourself become the eye-candy of the affair within the snapping of fingers.

So mentally rehearse your answers and embrace the prospects of a lot of heads turned your way, for that is an assurance.

A Designer pendant is made with you in mind and that reflects in every unit of this collection, along with magnificent glare and brilliant shine escaping each product.The radiance our products emit cover endless occasions under it. From cocktail parties to events of matrimonial significance, Opulenzo serves as that one stop shop you need. Mangalsutra designs so stunning, you cannot wait to tie the knot, just so that you get to wear one of these.

On occasions when you feel the need to add a touch of personalisation, opt for the ever-so-elegantly designed alphabet pendants so that your baubles resonate your true identity.

Watch the marvel and the awe you stir as you walk the elegant walk; love-filled sighs and ooh’s hurled at you, appreciating the goddess-like flair you own.