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Casual Pendants - Let Your Personality Speak Without Words.

The jewellery synonym to a tattoo, Pendants are what speak your heart out without verbally putting it out to be heard. This subtle element of accessorization needs no introduction, nor does it need any kind of a setting alteration to blend in.

Effortless Ethereality gushes forth with every move you make. Extending the glimmer of absolute joy to a perceivably damp place like your job desk is a change you needed since a very long time.

Encountered this when you are all set to leave for that big night but one last glance back in the mirror and you frown your face a bit, acknowledging the absence of something major? Ever been able to put a finger down to what exactly is missing? A sparking gold pendant would have done it for you.

However, pendants being worn only at special occasions has never been a rule of thumb. So the think tank at Opulenzo engendered an exquisite line of casual pendants that will sate your “glamourous not ostentatious” needs. These pendants hold the potential to elevate your aura to a higher realm of beauty. The glare and the finish is what does it, thanks to our perfectionist artisans spending quality time behind each piece.

With upscaling technology making everyday life simpler by the hour, getting wondrous casual pendants online comes no more as a surprise. Our marvelous designs are yours to scroll by and choose which one works the best for you.

With a deluge of exciting casual pendant designs up for grabs, it is here that everyone will find something for oneself. And just when you thought that designs are our only forte, then we’d like to add that there’s more. Alphabet pendants, being one of the many we’ve got to offer, would make you feel one with what you wear. Drop hints about the initials of your name, or just the one you love the most. Alphabet pendant designs coalesce human relations and modern day jewellery in one harmoniously elegant symphony.

And when those wedding bells come a-ringing, you are thrown back in time, to that instant when he got down on his knees asking you to be with him for the rest of his life. You had seen this coming, hadn’t you? Finally, it is here. Here’s your moment to invest in the most matrimonially sacred bauble, the tanmaniya.

Gold has always been that glittering element that has aroused fancy in every person who sets eyes on it. But with changing times, why not go for something a bit offtrack considering you love going off the beaten path. Revel in the magnificent glare of 18kt rose gold casual pendants and 18kt white gold casual pendants that add all the panache to your attire and render you that angelic charm.

A fairy Godmother may not come to your aid when you step out, but when it comes to a transformation, you can rely on Opulenzo casual pendants. Plus, you do not have the deadline of returning when the clock strikes twelve.