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Alphabet Pendants

The distinctive feature of the Indian culture is our adherence to the roots that got us to what we are today. Embracing dynamicity is essential but what’s more pivotal is the preservation of culture. And in India, you’d see remnants of our glorious culture in every step you take.

When it comes to fashion, we are no different. Adhering to the grassroots of designing and fashion, we take inspiration from the simple things. True joy lies in the simple, right?

Inspired by the elements that made us this advancely expressive species, Opulenzo brings to you the sparkliest collection of the Alphabet pendant.

Revel in the feeling that an entire collection has been designed and crafted to suit your name at the elementary level. We know the pride you hold for that beautiful assortment of letters, which when voiced, grabs your attention; commonly referred to as a Name.

A name is what reflects your persona. And though you were too small when you were named, you end up growing into the name. At Opulenzo, personalisation takes an artistic twist as our alphabet pendants mesmerizes any pair of eyes set on it, including your own.

This also makes gifting a lot more specific, especially when the receiver is that someone special. Make them proud of who they are. Alphabet pendants online makes your job all so easy-peasy that when you are hugged for such an excellent choice, you start feeling a tad tinge of guilt because it was all too simple!

Alphabet pendants in 18kt gold and alphabet pendants in 14kt gold varieties are at your disposal to celebrate the brilliance that’s you.

Diamond pendants have always been your most affectionate baubles and it is time you up the ante with magnificently designed alphabet pendants. Alphabet pendant stands out because of the endless possibilities it holds, endless assortments it boasts of. Just to make your decision slightly more interesting, we also have alphabet pendants in rose gold and alphabet pendants in white gold.

Versatility is the essence of personalisation and this is what pushes us to accomplish more than what already has been. Admirable diamond jewellery and pendants are here to enhance your aura every bit. Want something more refined? Well, we’ve got your back there. Send in your designs and our experts will take a crack at it! Send in your design here and watch your idea materialise like magic.


Our craftsmen crave challenges.Give it a go with Opulenzo!