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A million expressions, A single stone

Since the very beginning of the trend that has taken the world by storm, nose pins designs have always been iterated and reiterated with a refreshing feel, time and again, to sustain and adapt with ever changing fashion trends. For that is one thing that is certain when the discussion comes down to the vogue wave — it won’t be the same tomorrow.

Jewellery is all about undertaking the quest for that one defining trinket that redefines your persona, just like that. Getting the ideal piece of jewellery that garners appreciation and admiration, making you the centre of attention, could be hard to find in a realm of bijouterie that has existed for centuries now. But this vexation is laid to rest with a single stroke of the magnificent allure exuded by none other than the ever-gleaming single stone nose pin.

Single stone nose pins could easily be called the contemporary equivalent of the legacy that has lasted for ages now and looks sturdy enough to last for some more.

The beauty of the single stone

How fascinating is it when you enter the occasion and suddenly you are the meat of the conversation, the topic of wonder, a tale of pondering long after you have glided by. Undivided attention has its perks and we intend to pamper you with it a tad more as our extensive single stone nose pin collection has been designed exclusively for you. Inspired by the desire to command undivided attention, single stone nose pins have been carefully crafted, made with excellent finesse and made to exude grandeur at every step.

Anything studded with a diamond increases in allure manifolds. Using the same fundamentals, we ameliorated traditional nose pins to suit the whims of the 21st century woman. Single stone nose rings are also turning out to be a huge hit among individuals who like a fusion of the past and the future that is now. Minimalistic in appearance, the single stone nose pin is the elemental transition in your regalia.

Nose pins — an array of endless possibilities

The best things in life are always the simplest. With an elegantly subtle touch we render to the classic nose ring, we intend to serve your palate for simplicity. Nose pins studded with a single stone exudes a shimmer that delicately catches eyes, making you hard to miss wherever you set foot. Diamond nose pins also diverge shine and charm like no other. But in case you feel like voyaging down unexplored waters, then you can check out our extensive collection of multi-stone nose pins, the likes of which you will find nowhere else. Ever.

Bring in centuries of brilliance with every stride you take and every laugh you laugh, as the single stone enhances the grace on your countenance.