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Men stud earrings that speaks legacy

For men, simplicity is more than just a predilection; it is a prerogative. A choice they are inherited with. A preference that’s in-built. Saluting the undying altruism and the selfless man who deep down low has an innate desire to put his best foot forward — both at work and at play; for he ain’t no Jack whatsoever.

Men and modern day adornment

Men and embellishments have usually perceived as the extremes of a universe. But the veracity of the above is barely existent. Men today are traversing through the vast realm of jewellery which they eluded all this while, for it is now that they really understand that swiss watches and spectacles weren’t the only extensions they could explore. Earrings for men is a fad-fire that caught wind barely a decade ago but the roots of this unit of adornment goes spiralling down all to the way to the days of yore.

Ancient mens jewellery

History may speak loud, promulgating tales of men slaying dragons, voyaging through minatory waters and birthing upheavals that have changed the face of the earth as we know it today. But what they have barely spoken about is the garb they used to don to come across as every bit daunting as they could.

Ardent shovelling through age old tales, however, brings out tales of men embellishing themselves situationally so. Without having the need to sail far down the seas of antiquity, one shiningly coruscant example that stands before us is Suryaputra Karna who drew his invincibility from a breastplate and earrings which he was said to be born with. Various other descriptions of mythological figures in ancient folklore describe mens earrings in all its masculine amour-propre.

Men earrings have been an imminent aspect of dressing sprucely and that is something you’d accept without a hint of doubt. Complementing face shape of a person, the trinket does loads of good to a person who likes to keep it low. Gold earrings for men are a subtle extension to a new-found domain and the blooming urge to explore in this direction is evidence enough for its popularity.

And for those of you who think yellow gold may just not be their shade have certainly nothing to worry about, because we at Opulenzo have covered in our extensive brainstorm regarding this. Bringing back male adornment modishly, we aim at giving you all the options you can choose from to channel your killer masculinity excellently. You now have rose gold men earrings and white gold men earrings to avail of. That single handedly wins a major chunk of hot-blooded men who think experimentation is the key to apogee of masculine vogue. Just to sweeten the deal a whole lot more, browse through our handpicked catalogue of exquisite cufflink designs that ameliorate your suited look manifolds.

For the calculative and analysing men who have it all figured out to the last dime, you can choose for earrings on the basis of purity too as we have products ranging from 14 kt to 18 kt. Much power to you on that aspect!

The man of today is unflinching, unhindered and unstoppable. Celebrate the unwavering spirit of men.