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Men’s Pendant

A chiseled structure and the inadvertent urge to flaunt it is what makes everyone go, “men will be men.” But don’t we all love them all the same for all their mischiefs? Either an alphabet pendant that hints out their favourite person or a religious one to show how rooted they are, men and their proclivity to pendants have been so old, it could be called a timeless fact. Men’s jewellery could simply not get any better than this.

Rendering men an ultra-macho look when done right, men pendants actually have a surefire success rate of making you appear all dapper. The default setting with pendants is that they are universally versatile. You needn’t change it with changing attires. They stay and they stay for good; closer to your heart, that’s where. With changing times, there have been newer pendant designs that have revolutionised modern day accessorising for both men and women.

Flamboyance and flair go hand in hand with the charismatic personality of a man which is only further ameliorated by pendant designs for men.

Pendants and folklore

Assuming that the major group of pendant wearers are women could be one of the classic rookie mistakes you make. Days of yore divine that men donned pendants in the form of talismans or as symbols of wealth and riches. Stories stretch all across the ancient timeline of men wearing the teeth of the animal they take down as a sign of their dominance and superiority. Becoming the alpha was all the rage back then. Other materials were also highly resorted to make pendants. Ancient Egyptians are proof of scarab beetles being used to make pendants in veneration to the Sun God Ra.

Gold pendants later crept in and ascended the vogue ladder to reach the prime it enjoys in the current era.

Pendants in the Now

Online pendant designs for men are now available at the click of a finger. Get served with over a thousand designs in men’s pendants and marvel at the charm and the finesse they exude. For all the pain you undergo in the gym, your pendant needs to complement your chiseled chest muscles. With our customisable option, you can now get customised pendants, bringing out the best version of your. All day, everyday.

An endless array of mens earrings awaits the man who wills to notch the style quotient up by multiple notches. You can also buy men’s pendant designs online from a vast ocean of designs that emit masculinity like no other. Men’s pendants online is something all you women out there need to be thankful for. Life in terms of gifting suddenly seems so easy. The fad fraternity stands to welcome you with arms wide open. Did you take the step yet?