Yellow Gold Bracelets

  1. grand-pyramid-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium grand-pyramid-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Grand Pyramid Bracelet
    ₹13,665 ₹16,076
  2. sparkler-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium sparkler-bracelet-one-yellow-gold-medium
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    Sparkler Bracelet
    ₹17,497 ₹19,441
  3. Art Deco Bracelet
  4. studded-bohemian-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium studded-bohemian-bracelet-one-yellow-gold-medium
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    Studded Bohemian Bracelet
    ₹62,410 ₹67,107
  5. Bohemian Bracelet
  6. clutched-medal-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium clutched-medal-bracelet-model-m
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    Clutched Medal Bracelet
    ₹22,417 ₹26,374
  7. Modish Bracelet
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What Is A Yellow Gold Bracelet?

Yellow gold bracelets are wristlets that are crafted in a deep lustrous yellow alloy of gold. This ornament is crafted in a precious metal that is extremely popular among Indian women. Possessing gold jewellery signified status in society and attached value to the ancestry of Indian women. Hence, plain gold jewellery evolved in art and form and began its journey as exquisite bracelets that embodied various intricate patterns and designs thus reflecting the advancing unique craftsmanship in India. The house of Opulenzo presents a contemporary series of yellow gold bracelets for women that embraces new designs for the women of now. Our gold bracelets are comfortable pieces that add an extra oomph to every outfit.

An Everyday Essential

The unparalleled dazzle emitted by the lustrous plain yellow gold jewellery is delineated through our fine bracelets. These everyday essentials elevate every look from occasions such as weddings and evening wear to formal apparel and casual, everyday wear. These bracelets are the ultimate way to increase your daily style quotient. Complete every outfit with a feminine appeal with this minimal piece that goes with every casual or party dress, traditional attires such as salwar kameez, kurtis and other daily Indian wear. For a festive Indian attire pair your saree or lehenga choli by layering plain gold jewellery such as these elegant chain bracelets.

Layer these ravishing plain gold bracelets with all your favourite bracelets to create a gorgeous bracelet stack that is bold, beautiful and makes a unique statement. Opulenzo proffers a curated selection of gold bracelets crafted in 18 karat rendered gold. These bracelets embody contemporary designs with modern shaped tufts hinged to every bracelet. Our collection also includes stunning diamond bracelets in yellow gold with minimal designs that enhance your everyday look and adds a dash of glimmer and sparkle to even the most casual look.

Styling Yellow Gold Bracelets

Designers and craftsmen at the house of Opulenzo decried the daily hustle and bustle in the city of Mumbai. From metros to cabs, this charismatic vibe is created by the magnetic energy from those women who traverse in style. Opulenzo celebrates this dynamic spirit of the city and its women through the following most popular series of contemporary plain gold bracelets.

  • Art Deco Bracelet

    Dressing well is a form of art as many would say, however, given the circumstances of the modern lifestyle, many working women would find it difficult to keep up with choosing the right clothes, accessories and shoes that perfectly complement the attire. Hence, to make this process easier, Opulenzo presents the Art Deco cuff bracelet.

    This minimal yet classic piece deserves all the attention it gets. Crafted in 18 karat rendered gold, this bracelet embodies a basic design with a smooth veneer and emits the richest radiance. This simple bracelet is best when paired with every formal and casual outfit. Layer it above your favourite watch to create a sumptuous look for all those formal events. You can also pair it with every casual dress, trousers, denim and tops along with blazers and other formal skirt or pantsuits.

  • Bohemian Bracelet

    Designed in sustainable yellow gold, the Bohemian bracelet is another take on the Art deco bracelet. Designers at Opulenzo created their own modern interpretation of crafting precious metals by employing the designs of geometrical figures. This cuff bracelet exposes a sleek straight gold bar with curved ends that lead to a cuff that embraces your wrist effortlessly. This bracelet pairs best with casual and traditional outfits. Stack it with other cuff bracelets or your favourite watch to create a statement or an opulent look respectively. This bracelet can also be worn on womens formal shirts to create a classy look.

  • Golden Muse Bracelet

    A popular choice for those women who prefer chain bracelets. The Golden Muse bracelet exhibits a simple chain bracelet with an attached charm that resembles the shape of a shell. Many people also perceive its shape as an unfurled folding fan. This modern shaped bracelet is simple and incorporates a unique design that allows one to layer other chain bracelets with or without charms effortlessly bringing about a look that makes a perfect statement when layered and adds to your style quotient when worn solely. When layered, the Golden Muse bracelet complements traditional and occasional wear. It also goes well with formal wear when worn alone. This bracelet is not just known for its peculiar design but is also known to be a conversation starter.

    Our collection also encompasses a curated range of yellow gold bracelets with diamonds. Opulenzo’s connoisseurs discerned the promising prospect of these elegant renderings which compelled them to explore new designs and creations. This led to the embarkment of creating bejewelled ornaments which also included yellow gold diamond bracelets.

Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelets

Being in the jewellery industry since the past 4 decades, designers at the house of Opulenzo kept full retrospect of the bygone era by preserving sophistication. They also formulated modern designs while creating these bejewelled bracelets presenting a harmonious balance between the two for the latter-day women. Following are some of our popular yellow gold diamond bracelets that encompass various diamond dimensions, proportions and cuts.

  • Sparkler Bracelet

    From daily to occasional wear, the sparkler bracelet is fit for all occasions. Featuring a sole round cut diamond, this bracelet is crafted in 18 karat gold. The chain bracelet exhibits a single diamond set in a four-prong setting right at the centre. The sparkler bracelet is perfect for layering with other bracelets on special occasions and can also be worn solely for daily wear. This bracelet adds a beautiful sparkle that completes and elevates your everyday look.

    The sparkler bracelet is also available in a smaller version called 'The Mini Sparkler Bracelet’. In this bracelet, all aspects in terms of design remain the same as the sparkler bracelet except the dimensions which will vary for women who want to tone the size of the sparkle down a notch. Nevertheless, the sparkle emits the same fire and brilliance needed to make a statement effortlessly.

  • Studded Bohemian Bracelet

    Designers at Opulenzo present another take on the Bohemian cuff bracelet, the Studded Bohemian bracelet. This unique cuff bracelet is inspired by geometrical figures and features a slender bar at its forefront with three exquisite round-shaped diamonds embedded in a pave setting. This serves as a perfect statement bracelet and is to be worn solely for occasional wear. This bracelet complements ball gowns, simple yet detailed dresses and other Indian wear such as lehengas and sarees.

  • Infinity Interlock Bracelet

    Staying true to its name, the Infinity Interlock bracelet features two interlocked circles carved in gold forming a charm whose shape resembles the sign of infinity. One of the circles is embellished with round diamonds set in a micro-prong setting creating two contrasting circles, one with smooth, glistening polish and the other with paved diamonds that shimmer and emits light. Our bracelets not only exhibit impeccable designs but are also manufactured by metals and diamonds that are absolutely top drawer which prove the stance of the Opulenzo edge.

Opulenzo’s Edge

All of our diamond yellow gold bracelets embody only the finest diamonds that are handset individually. These diamonds are graded VS (very small inclusions) in clarity and GH in colour on a scale of D-Z. This quality of diamonds and metals is what adds a distinctive finesse that is clearly manifested in all of our exquisite pieces and sets us apart from the rest. All of our ornaments come with Opulenzo’s certificates that confirm 100% genuineness and authenticity. This helps us maintain a transparent purchase and relationship with our customers.

Also, every chain bracelet from our collection has 4 jump rings that range from 6.5 to 7.0 inches so that you can get the benefit of sizing options. Because of this edge, our gold bracelets can also accessorize bridal wear for brides who love to keep their attire minimal and elegant. White gowns and reception sarees or other traditional wear can be adorned by layering all of your favourite gold bracelets with or without diamonds to create striking look effortlessly. Opulenzo encourages women to pamper and adorn themselves with these bracelets to stay stylish and have heads turn always, however, if you wish to gift this ornament to your loved one we are here to compile the perfect reasons why you should do so!

Gifting Yellow Gold Bracelets

Apart from integrating a curated selection of yellow gold bracelets that embrace only the finest, most sustainable materials that are proven by its grades, Opulenzo consolidates all of its jewellery with sublime dividends that all our customers are entitled to. All of our jewellery is available in contemporary gold colours such as white and rose gold bracelets for unconventional women who love keeping up with the trend.

Each of our products are safely packed in a beguiling pink and golden box which makes every woman feel more than special. The box contains separate compartments, the biggest one for your exceptional piece of jewellery and a slender compartment at the bottom which pulls out with the help of an attached ribbon that keeps your ornaments certificate safe. We also provide exchange, buyback and return options on all of our products so that you receive only the best with your exquisite piece. Along with these benefits you can also have your jewellery delivered to your home within the span of 7-10 business days with no shipping charges!

Avail all of these benefits, and more by joining our family, you have only got a glimpse of what’s in store! Shop from our online store in the comfort of your home! Resolve all your queries or simply request for a suggestion, we are just a call away. Reach us at 1800 22 3696 or drop a message at You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook. We are delighted to help!