White Gold Pendants

  1. Boho Pendant
  2. clutched-medal-pendant-white-gold-medium clutched-medal-pendant-model-m-hover
    20% Off
    Clutched Medal Pendant
    ₹26,820 ₹33,524
  3. Modish Pendant
  4. Dash Bar Pendant
  5. studded-dash-bar-pendant-white-gold-medium studded-dash-bar-pendant-one-white-gold-medium
    15% Off
    Studded Dash Bar Pendant
    ₹26,302 ₹30,944
  6. mini-diamond-bar-pendant-white-gold-medium mini-diamond-bar-pendant-model-m-hover
    10% Off
    Mini Diamond Bar Pendant
    ₹22,391 ₹24,879
  7. Mini Bar Pendant
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Celebrate Radiance With White Gold Pendants

Each piece of Opulenzo’s white gold pendants begins with an interpretation of precious metals and designs that are unique and inspiring. Opulenzo religiously translates classic designs that they have been deciphered and will perpetually stay in style with designs that are modern and trending. Hence, we present our collection of white plain gold jewellery, for those who love the beam that radiates from gold but aren't very fond of the resplendent colour or because it simply does not complement one's skin tone.

The artisans at Opulenzo realised the potential these alluring white gold renderings which inspired them to create designs that recall sheer grace and elegance. White gold pendants are pieces of exquisite plain gold jewellery that celebrates the innate brilliance emitted from our designs.

Opulenzo welcomes new pendant designs that embody contemporary shapes crafted in 18 karat white gold. These stunning gold pendants reflect the vibrancy of the modern world with their unique figures while sustaining each ones elegance with its sophisticated colour. Our catalogue of white gold pendants includes geometric and other designs such as:

  • Open Circle Pendants

    Crafted in 18 karat rendered gold. These pendants are hollow white gold circles that expose a little skin to create a beautiful blend between the natural hue of the skin and this glistening circle.

  • White Gold Bar Pendants

    Inspired by the clean and sleek line of geometrical figures, Opulenzo has designed contemporary white gold pendants carved in 18 karat white gold. These vertical bar pendants are embellished with a few diamonds for the essential everyday sparkle.

  • Textured Pendants

    A hammered texture is given to simple geometric figures such as a white gold square pendant, white gold kite pendant or a white gold circle pendant. Their designs encompass sophisticated and minimal silhouettes with a brazen texture all across the pendant.

  • White Gold Pendant Sets

    Our plain gold pendant designs are replicated in other ornaments too. This makes pairing jewellery and creating your own white gold sets effortless. Creating your set relinquishes the feeling of obligation to buy pieces of jewellery you may not opt for. Put together beautiful gold ornaments that you feel comfortable wearing such as a white gold pendant and earring set or a white gold necklace and bracelet set etc.

  • Available With Diamonds

    Almost all of our exquisite pendants for women are available with embellished, paved and studded diamonds to add luminescence to every occasion.

White gold pendants from the house of Opulenzo make excellent sparkling promises that symbolise and mark those rare, magical moments that life has to offer. These pendants capture joyful memories that you can carry regardless of where you go and begin each day on a wonderful and positive note.