Rose Gold Pendants

  1. Boho Pendant
  2. clutched-medal-pendant-rose-gold-medium clutched-medal-pendant-model-m-hover
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    Clutched Medal Pendant
    ₹26,820 ₹33,524
  3. Modish Pendant
  4. Dash Bar Pendant
  5. studded-dash-bar-pendant-rose-gold-medium studded-dash-bar-pendant-one-rose-gold-medium
    15% Off
    Studded Dash Bar Pendant
    ₹26,302 ₹30,944
  6. mini-diamond-bar-pendant-rose-gold-medium mini-diamond-bar-pendant-model-m-hover
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    Mini Diamond Bar Pendant
    ₹22,391 ₹24,879
  7. Mini Bar Pendant
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Your Reason To Blush

The house of Opulenzo presents a series of alluring pieces of pendants that capture the natural beauty of roses. Each of our rose gold pendants echoes this romantic flower’s beauty is radiant and sophisticated. Each of our rose pendant design is meticulously chosen for a timeless piece that embarks every precious moment. This delicate line of plain gold pendants endeavours to exemplify and reflect the wholesome aesthetic of the only flower that personifies love and romance.

A Soaring Trend

Even though rose gold has tarried its existence since the 19th century, it has recently gained popularity because of it's feminine and unconventional colour that is often heard in terms of gold jewellery. Many popular celebrities and designers have incorporated this jewellery in various occasional and everyday looks. These designs create graceful accents that embrace geometrical and natural figures that are all fragments of our diverse rose gold collection.

Proclaim Your Love For Rose

Boost your style quotient and express your eccentric style with no bounds. Recalling the petals unique hues and appreciating nature's beauty, each piece of rose gold jewellery interprets a florid caress. Elucidate this enchanting beauty with Opulenzos rose gold pendants. The natural charm found in roses inspired Opulenzo to design their collection of rose gold pendants that epitomize classic florid styles and translate our appreciation of natures beauty. Evoking the essence of rose petals and the flowers bloom, our collection includes styles such as:

  • Rose Gold Bar Pendants

    A sleek and slender bar crafted from 18 karat rose gold that balances bold and beautiful. It’s perceptible figure and fetching colour makes a subtle statement every day. Our catalogue of bar pendants includes a sundry of designs and patterns. These stunning bar pendants are available in both horizontal and vertical forms with simple and clean lines that create a dimensional and sleek design that creates fine art into versatile pieces of rose gold jewellery.

  • Rose Gold Circle Pendants

    A beautiful sphere composed of 18 karat rose gold that appears as a brilliant medallion that shines from within all your daily accomplishments. Our round pendants crafted in rose gold are available in various patterns such as a circular rose gold plate crafted in rose gold clutched by a clip paved with diamonds in a micro prong setting. Other relevant designs include a hollow circle pendant that is simply elegant and captures everyone's eye. A clean circle with an even texture creates an alluring contrast between the colour and texture of the metal and skin that peeps through the circles hollow.

  • Rose Gold Diamond Pendants

    The house of Opulezno grants these refreshing rose gold pendants the gift of eternity. These artistic pieces of jewellery are embellished, paved or studded with high-quality diamonds to augment its quality of being timeless furthermore. A romantic piece is given a perennial sparkle that makes love and every memory attached last forever. Over time, these diamond rose gold pendants make excellent vintage antique pieces because of its distinct colour that turns prominent over a considerable period.

Most of our rose gold designs are recreated in other pieces of jewellery too. This makes, layering, stacking mixing and matching easier. You can shop for different pieces of jewellery along with the rose gold pendant to create your own jewellery set. Buying a whole jewellery set is an anachronistic practice. At Opulezno you get the liberty to purchase only the pieces you like. Since our rose gold designs are recreated in other pieces, ensure that you catch a glimpse of every ornament in our jewellery catalogue so that you don’t miss out on creating your own pendant set. This unique edge gives you the power to create a set that will include designs, patterns, colours and even the number of ornaments that are of your choice!

Create your rose gold pendant and earring set instead of the usual rose gold pendant and chain or necklace set. These minimal sets are a subtle combination that allows you to wear classic florals in the form of timeless jewellery. Browse through our online selection of only the best rose gold pendants with iconic designs and a radiant gleam that invigorates the graceful blooming hue of roses.