Plain Gold Pendants

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The Perfect Everyday Accessory

The house of Opulenzo presents an exceptionally versatile series of plain gold pendants handcrafted in 18 karat refined gold. These pendants are a magical blend of contemporary and classic styles that embody a modern and elegant everyday look. Our online plain gold jewellery encapsulates ultra-modern styles and structures such as silhouettes inspired by designs that incorporate a smooth veneer that shines due to its innate beam. These simple jewellery designs are enhanced with hammered textures for a unique yet minimal look. Our designs recall the flawless symmetry of florid, geometrical and arbitrary modern figures coupled with exceptional luminescence emitted by refined gold. Some of our popular plain gold pendant designs include:

  • Plain Gold Round Pendants

    Crafted artfully into timeless symbols of style and statement, our collection of plain gold round pendants include various patterns such as:

    • The Modish Pendant

      An abstraction of geometrical figures and art led to the creation of this charmer. Symbolizing infinity, originality and eccentricity, the Modish Pendant is a radical piece with a touch of femininity. This open circle pendant perches on the wrist creating a novel contrast between the natural tone of the wrist that glistens from within the aureate circle crafted in 18 karat refined gold.

    • Hammered Sphere Pendant

      A buoyant piece that features clean edges and an unconventional texture that together form a simple yet captivating pendant. Just like the circle of life, the hammered sphere pendant has no end. Its unique texture symbolizes the good and bad times in the circle of life, also, reminding that there is a beautiful picture at the end.

    • Plain Gold Octagon Pendant

      Inspired by Opulenzo’s logo itself, the artisans of our house have crafted the hammered plate pendant. The unique twist to an exemplary round pendant combined with an extraordinary texture represents our motto of amalgamating classic and contemporary designs.

  • Plain Gold Bar Pendants

    Motivated by clean and sleek lines, Opulenzo presents its selection of plain gold bar pendants. These bars possess minimal patterns and are solely remarkable due to their conspicuous structure and beaming glaze emitted from its high-quality gold. Here are our top plain gold bar pendants that are capture every eye:

    • Boho Pendant

      An elegant vertical pendant crafted from 18 karat gold offers a modern and minimal take on daily wear pendants. Its tapering end resembles a walking cane recalling the everlasting blessings and guidance of every ancestor. This is an exemplary pendant that gives a perfect modern take to classic bar designs.

    • Dash Bar Pendant

      A vertical silhouette with sleek lines that form a flawless golden bar. Our plain gold dash bar pendant crafted in 18 karat gold radiates a sheen that makes a statement effortlessly.

    • Mini Dash Bar Pendant

      A blend of subtle and versatile, dainty yet dauntless. Opulenzo’s Mini Dash Bar Pendant is a miniature version of the plain gold dash bar pendant that easily becomes a statement to keep the panache going.

  • Plain Gold Kite Pendants

    The unconventional figure is what sets this style of pendants apart. Opulenzo proffers its hammered kite pendant that is bold and captivating. This contemporary design accentuates Opulenzo’s fascination with versatile forms.

  • Plain Gold Square Pendants

    An alluring shape with an atypical texture favoured by clean lines. Our plain gold Hammered Box Pendant serves as an everyday reminder of maintaining equality and being fair during life’s trial every day.

This glamourous selection of our plain gold pendants possess the most iconic designs and shapes that are carved in different hues of gold which include:

  • Yellow Gold Pendants

    Forever discovering ways to bask in the light, our yellow gold pendants radiate maximum gleam. Our latest collection of pendant designs in yellow gold expresses creativity and time-honoured craftsmanship.

  • Rose Gold Pendants

    Motivated by the natural hues of the rose, our catalogue of rose gold pendants include designs that combine natures beauty with modern figures for an elegant yet trendy look.

  • White Gold Pendants

    Opulenzo’s selection of white gold pendants includes simple designs that radiate eccentric brilliance for those who admire the shine and light emitted from these pendants but opt for minimal patterns and other detail work on these pendants.

Shop from Opulenzo’s selection of pendants that possess enchanting beauty reinforced by high-graded metals. These gold pendants make excellent gifts for others and oneself to elevate your style qoutient every day with minimal effort.