Plain Gold Bracelets

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Simplicity At Its Best

Artisans in the house of Opulenzo follow the path of their ancestors and carry on their legacy of merging classic jewellery designs that are perpetual with abiding contemporary styles. Plain gold jewellery possesses simplistic beauty that perfectly complements other ornaments with delicate designs. Opulenzo’s plain gold bracelets are crafted in 18 karat rendered gold and possess simple and sole charms inspired by geometrical designs that include sleek and clean lines, bars, circles and other comprehensive structures all carved in gold.

Due to its unornamented, modest designs, plain gold bracelets are minimal and their distinctness is contingent to the beaming precious metal used to craft the bracelet. Hence, Opulenzo crafts their wristlets with high-quality gold that furnishes flawless radiance and lustre in addition to durability and persistence. Plain Gold bracelets are depicted to follow the poised tones of a woman’s wrist. Opulenzo offers various precious metals that complement the diverse graceful contours of Indian women which include:

  1. Yellow Gold Bracelets

    An iconic and classic colour that never runs out of style. These yellow gold bracelets include yellow gold chain bracelets with charms carved in glistening yellow gold that falls on the wrist flawlessly. Bracelets crafted in yellow gold is a popular choice in India. The lustrous sheen emitted from plain yellow gold complements the graceful hues of the Indian woman’s wrist. Opulenzo presents its series of plain yellow gold bracelets for ladies. These luminous bracelets possess an even texture that runs along the lines of every alluring curve and pattern of our designs such as:

    • The Art Deco Bracelet

      Classic gold bangles for ladies have been given a contemporary tincture through our design in the elegant yellow gold Art Deco bracelet. This unembellished simple round gold bracelet is stunning without patterns or designs that are busy or detailed. Beautiful and effortless this gold bracelet is one of our timeless bracelets.

    • Slender Cane Bracelet

      As the name suggests, the slender cane bracelet exhibits a lean pole crafted from yellow gold. This pole is horizontally affixed to a simple chain crafted in yellow gold. A simple bar melded with a classic chain bracelet creates a modern appeal to a classic bracelet. This amalgamation of simple figures and designs come together to celebrate this modern-day classic.

  2. Rose Gold Bracelets

    An ultimate precious metal colour that symbolizes love, passion, romance and several such emotions. Opulenzo’s rose gold bracelets capture the essence of these affections and translate them through their line bracelets crafted in rose gold. This unique combination of the alluring subtle tint amalgamated with stunning charms refines the meaning behind each piece and composes plain rose gold bracelets into a memorable token of love. This regard is elucidated in some of our plain rose gold bracelets such as:

    • Bohemian Bracelet

      A raw design combined with a feminine colour that restyles this plain rose gold bracelet into a statement that personifies bold and beautiful. The elegant Bohemian bracelet is a unique design that possesses a sporty and elegant appeal. Carved in 18 karat rose gold, this bracelet is excellent to make a statement while expressing your gentle and delicate side.

    • Golden Muse Bracelet

      Graceful, elegant and full of variations like a danseuse's moves, the Golden Muse bracelet evokes the spirit of manoeuvring. Crafted in 18 karat rose gold, this bracelet is affixed with a sole charm that resembles an open folding fan, better known as the ‘Sensu’. The artisans at Opulenzo are fascinated with various forms and shapes which inspire them to create these designs. Graceful, elegant and unique Opulenzo aspires to create contemporary and unusual designs.

  3. White Gold Bracelets

    Known for its purity and royal beauty, white gold bracelets are radiant both during the day and night. Its bright colour and inner brilliance illuminate the entire piece exhibiting an enchanting style. Various designs such as a white gold chain bracelet with mesmerizing charms crafted in 18 karat white gold are wearable at every occasion and can be layered. Plain white gold bracelets find new ways to beam in any light setting such as:

    • The Modish Bracelet

      A big hollow circle fastened to a chain all of which is crafted in white gold come together to create the ravishing Modish Bracelet. The design incorporates part of both classic and contemporary styles. The gold circle and the chain are classic styles that have been followed since generations. Whereas, the composition of white gold and the hollow of the circle are contemporary spins by Opulenzo.

    Pairing white gold jewellery requires a considerable amount of knowledge in terms of styling. Hence, Opulenzo has created designs that make pairing ornaments with such rare precious metals extremely effortless. These designs complement every apparel and are perfect for layering. Opulenzo also designs that have been cloned and recreated into other pieces of jewellery so that you get the liberty of pairing these ornaments together and creating your own plain gold bracelet and ring set or a gold bracelet and necklace set.

Choose from Opulenzo’s online catalogue of plain gold bracelets for women. All our bracelets are attached with jump rings so that you can resize your bracelet with ease. This unique freedom of choice which lets you fashion your set of jewellery is what sets Opulenzo apart.