Diamond Yellow Gold Pendants

  1. clutched-medal-pendant-yellow-gold-medium clutched-medal-pendant-model-m-hover
    20% Off
    Clutched Medal Pendant
    ₹26,820 ₹33,524
  2. studded-dash-bar-pendant-yellow-gold-medium studded-dash-bar-pendant-one-yellow-gold-medium
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    Studded Dash Bar Pendant
    ₹26,302 ₹30,944
  3. mini-diamond-bar-pendant-yellow-gold-medium mini-diamond-bar-pendant-model-m-hover
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    Mini Diamond Bar Pendant
    ₹22,391 ₹24,879
  4. goldilock-pendant-yellow-gold-medium goldilock-pendant-model-m
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    Goldilock Pendant
    ₹20,762 ₹23,594
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Stunning Pendant Designs For You

Choosing a metal for your diamond pendant elucidates its style and also impacts the appearance of the diamond. Yellow gold has been a popular and constant choice among Indian women. The glimmering lustre of this precious metal coupled with mesmerizing aureate designs makes yellow gold jewellery powerful and timeless.

The house of Opulezo presents a series of versatile diamond yellow gold jewellery that elevates every style. Revered classic diamond pendant designs find their contemporary expressions in our irresistible collection. Our diamond pendants in yellow gold make the most elaborative statements attributable to diverse diamond shapes and settings handset in artistically carved gold creations. Indulge in exquisite expressions of yellow gold that capture enchanting light through manifold diamond assemblages as mentioned below:

  • Pave Diamond Yellow Gold Pendants

    These iconic pendant designs feature accented brilliant diamonds that emit light eternally. ‘Pave’ is a diamond setting which directly means encrusting the metal with diamonds to create one extensive sparkle. Our house presents pave diamond yellow gold pendants that embrace various contemporary designs with a classic spin to the pendants mentioned below:

    • Clutched Medal Pendant

      Crafted in yellow gold, the clutched medal pendant is a spherical radiant design with pure and majestic beauty. The golden plate composed of 18 karat refined yellow gold is held by what seems like a diamond-paved hasp that secures it firmly. This modern meld of diamond and yellow gold is one of our most innovative designs that is expertly crafted.

    • Studded Modish Pendant

      Another spherical aesthetic that endures. These paved diamonds create a motif and frame the 18 karat yellow gold circle. The studded Modish pendant creates a beautiful contrast between the sparkling diamonds, the radiant aureate gold and the natural glisten of the skin that peeks through the hollow of the circular pendant.

  • Embellished Diamond Yellow Gold Pendants

    Embellished diamonds in jewellery refers to adorning a piece of jewellery with one or more diamonds. Opulenzo's mesmerizing diamond yellow gold pendants are embellished with high-graded diamonds for the essential everyday sparkle. Following are popular designs from our selection of pendants that possess brilliant diamonds set in striking angles to create a breathtaking diamond expression:

    • Studded Dash Bar Pendant

      Refined 18 karat yellow gold is carved into even, sleek and slender lines that come together to form a flawless bar. This meticulously crafted gold bar pendant is then accentuated with five vertically handset magnificent diamonds in a micro-prong setting that braces them firmly for a perennial sparkle.

    • Mini Diamond Bar

      The Mini Diamond Bar pendant is a smaller version of the aforementioned Studded Dash Bar pendant. Crafted in 18 karat gold, This pendant is studded with three mesmerizing diamonds creating a little medley of sparkle. Perfect for daily wear, this pendant is a stunning geometric piece that celebrates brilliant occasions.

    • Goldilock Pendant

      A timeless piece capturing every wish that can be observed in the glimmer that radiates from the diamond set in it. Inspired by the notion of self-love, the artisans at Opulenzo created this design that motivates the wearer to reveal their true self and stand out just like this diamond. A sole diamond is handset in a micro prong setting creating a bezel semblance. This contemporary design exhibits a minimal style with timeless and brilliant sparkle resulting in superior quality diamond pendant creations.

Yellow gold is a precious metal that never ceases to impress and hence has stayed in style since centuries. It has been a favourite among Indian women because of its gleaming lustre and bright, radiant colour that captures every vision. Styling yellow gold jewellery for a chic and classic look daily or on occasions can be unpromising. Hence, Opulenzo makes the cut for you and selects only the best designs made exclusively from the simplicity and aesthete of the worlds finest diamonds.

Opulenzo reimagines classic designs through a contemporary perspective envisioned and created with precious metals and diamonds that adhere to uncompromising standards. Browse through our jewellery catalogue and shop for pieces that capture the essence of modern symmetry with precious diamonds for an unparalleled style every day.