Diamond Yellow Gold Bracelets

  1. grand-pyramid-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium grand-pyramid-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Grand Pyramid Bracelet
    ₹13,665 ₹16,076
  2. sparkler-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium sparkler-bracelet-one-yellow-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Sparkler Bracelet
    ₹17,497 ₹19,441
  3. studded-bohemian-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium studded-bohemian-bracelet-one-yellow-gold-medium
    7% Off
    Studded Bohemian Bracelet
    ₹62,410 ₹67,107
  4. clutched-medal-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium clutched-medal-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Clutched Medal Bracelet
    ₹22,417 ₹26,374
  5. mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-one-yellow-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Mini Chain Reaction Bracelet
    ₹14,180 ₹15,756
  6. Trilliant Bracelet
  7. Trio Bracelet
  8. Octo Bracelet
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Drape Your Wrists With Gleaming Warmth

Diamond yellow gold bracelets are ornaments that adorn one’s hands and outfits instantly. These wristlets are a great way to add glamour to your style calibre.

From classics to bold statements, our diamond bracelets are handcrafted in 18 karat yellow gold. The house of Opulenzo offers alluring designs that are selected for their stunning beauty. These bracelets encompass superlative diamonds that are exhibited flawlessly.

This neoteric meld of innate brilliance of diamonds and lustrous sheen radiating from precious metals come together to form and exemplify the eminence and standards synonymous with Opulezno.

Our Inspiration

The flair for designing our selection of diamond yellow gold bracelet dates back to the 1900s, an epoch in the history of crafting jewellery. Inspired by the glamour and style of the classic and modern era embraced by Indian women, Opulezno essayed exceptional pieces of diamond yellow gold plain gold jewellery.

Rendered in diamonds and gold, these bracelets mirror its glare and scintillation on the peculiar amber undertone of the Indian female skin colour. Merging exclusive contemporary designs with eternal classics, we’ve created infinite glimmer and endless sparkling with bracelet designs that shine on every Indian woman, on every occasion, from dawn to dusk.

Bracelets crafted in gold celebrate the graceful and poised essence of Indian women. You can add a real diamond to these yellow gold bracelets for a unique and timeless look.

Opulenzo offers various minimalistic bracelet designs that feature the most exquisite diamonds that is wearable both during formal and casual occasions. Our yellow gold diamond bezel set bracelets embody real and eternally brilliant diamonds that sprawl in the warm gleam emitted from the 18 karat handcrafted gold bracelet. These bezel-set bracelets are simple and minimalistic.

Timeless Bracelet Designs

When it comes to choosing jewelry that stands the test of time there is one jeweller who has created some of the most spectacular and memorable jewellery designs.

Since four generations, Opulenzo has been reconcilable with the finest pieces and matchless diamonds sketching unparallel designs that bear our name as an exemplary gift that can be given and received.

Made with Love

Each diamond yellow gold bracelet has its roots in Opulenzo’s legacy of jewellery designing. Every diamond is handset meticulously. Unique and contemporary abstractions of arraying diamonds on each yellow gold bracelet have been designed. These designs include diamond clustering, pave setting, bezel-set diamonds etc.

18 karat gold is assiduously rendered and handcrafted into perfect curves that embrace your wrist. Its smooth veneer caresses your skin each time you make a move, constantly reminding you of its presence.

Imagination, singularity and grades constitute the essence Opulenzo. These aspects ushered Opulenzo from the time of establishment to date. Be it a signature piece of diamond jewellery or an exclusive iconic piece from the house of Opulezno, each diamond yellow gold bracelet features styles that combine its heritage with modern designs.

These are accompanied by legitimate certificates that prove the genuineness of each metal and diamond. The paramount of importance to us is your trust, hence each one of your chosen bracelets comes with our promise of the finest craftsmanship, quality and commitment.