Diamond White Gold Pendants

  1. clutched-medal-pendant-white-gold-medium clutched-medal-pendant-model-m-hover
    20% Off
    Clutched Medal Pendant
    ₹26,820 ₹33,524
  2. studded-dash-bar-pendant-white-gold-medium studded-dash-bar-pendant-one-white-gold-medium
    15% Off
    Studded Dash Bar Pendant
    ₹26,302 ₹30,944
  3. mini-diamond-bar-pendant-white-gold-medium mini-diamond-bar-pendant-model-m-hover
    10% Off
    Mini Diamond Bar Pendant
    ₹22,391 ₹24,879
  4. goldilock-pendant-white-gold-medium goldilock-pendant-model-m
    12% Off
    Goldilock Pendant
    ₹20,762 ₹23,594
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White Gold: A Contemporary Style

Even though white gold was created in the 1920s, it has gained substantial popularity in recent preceding years. White gold jewellery is an unconventional gold colour chosen by women who recognize and are aware of its elegant, one-of-a-kind appeal.

This modern gold represents the house of Opulenzo’s commitment to bestow the current and future generations to come, with precious metals that belong to the classic era. Elegant signature shapes carved in white gold jewellery gives each mesmerizing piece of white gold pendant a contemporary spin.

Elevating the classic style, these pendants are embellished with a single scintillating diamond that adds glamour to every captivating piece. This equipoise between former precious metals and diamonds combined with the latest designs does not only exemplify our dictum but also uncovers the aesthetical prospects of these unaltered classics.

Indulge In A Plethora of Diamond White Gold Pendants

Luxuriate in stunning diamond white gold plain gold jewellery that entraps elegance, grace and edge through each white gold pendant carved in various striking forms meticulously, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Diamond Round White Gold Pendants

    Motivated by this classic shape, Opulenzo presents a selection of diamond round white gold pendants exhibited in eccentric forms that can be worn on both daily and occasional wear.

    Some of our popular pieces in this category include:

    1. Clutched Medal Pendant

      A flawless circular plate is carved from 18 karat white gold that is hinged by a clip paved by genuine and high-graded diamonds. This pendant sits on the base of the neck perfectly exhibiting its gorgeous design effortlessly.

    2. Studded Modish Pendant

      Another circle carved from refined 18 karat white gold, the studded modish pendant possesses paved diamonds handset on the exterior forming a beautiful spherical motif that captures every vision.

    3. Goldilock Pendant

      One more abstraction of a circular white gold pendant. The Goldilock pendant is carved in rendered white gold that possesses a diamond basking right at the centre. Inspired by modern figures this pendant celebrates transparency with this intriguing colour contrast between the elegant white gold and the magnificent translucent sparkling diamond.

  • Diamond Bar White Gold Pendants

    Inspired by the simplicity of clean lines, diamond bar pendants crafted in white gold feature elementary lines with a touch of sparkle through the diamond pendants mentioned below:

    1. Studded Dash Bar Pendant

      An exquisite timeless pendant that captures the sophistication of flawless lines combined with embellished diamonds and dimensional design.

      The Studded Dash Bar Pendant embodies high-quality white gold carved into a vertical bar that falls below the base of the neck for an alluring look. 5 high-graded diamonds are studded towards the base of the white gold bar in a micro-prong setting for the essential sparkle and taut.

    2. Mini Diamond Bar Pendant

      This pendant is a smaller version of the Studded Dash Bar Pendant. The Mini Bar Pendant is designed for women who love low-key statement looks.

      Crafted in 18 karat white gold, this pendant possesses three mesmerizing diamonds for the daily sparkle. Because of its smaller size, it is easier to be worn every day with any apparel. It is also perfect for layering and adding a small statement to your daily wear.

Opulenzo is committed to creating a selection of pendants that possess designs from an exquisite collection. Professional craftsman at Opulezno make this cut for you through the help of extensive research and inherited knowledge and skills.

Browse through our online catalog of diamond white gold pendants to buy from the best of the best diamond pendants at Opulenzo.

Reimagining classic designs, Opulenzo translates these through a contemporary collection that pays tribute to the history and heritage of iconic designs brought together by urban versatility.