Diamond White Gold Bracelets

  1. grand-pyramid-bracelet-white-gold-medium grand-pyramid-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Grand Pyramid Bracelet
    ₹13,665 ₹16,076
  2. sparkler-bracelet-white-gold-medium sparkler-bracelet-one-white-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Sparkler Bracelet
    ₹17,497 ₹19,441
  3. studded-bohemian-bracelet-white-gold-medium studded-bohemian-bracelet-one-white-gold-medium
    7% Off
    Studded Bohemian Bracelet
    ₹62,410 ₹67,107
  4. clutched-medal-bracelet-white-gold-medium clutched-medal-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Clutched Medal Bracelet
    ₹22,417 ₹26,374
  5. mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-white-gold-medium mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-one-white-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Mini Chain Reaction Bracelet
    ₹14,180 ₹15,756
  6. Trilliant Bracelet
  7. Trio Bracelet
  8. Octo Bracelet
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For the Love of White

Precious metals such as gold are a classic that never ceases to amaze. Because of its glimmering amber colour, yellow gold jewellery remains the top choice of Indian women. Its golden honey colour complements the distinct hues of the women in India and enhances their gorgeous tone all the more. However, some are ambivalent about the deep lustrous colour of yellow gold jewellery. Diamond white gold plain gold jewellery was designed for women that admire and adapt sophisticated and elegant styles or designs. White is a colour that extolls these virtues. It symbolises clarity and purity. There is no colour as bright as white and so, in the house of Opulenzo, white is the new yellow.

Indulge In Timeless Pieces

Opulenzo presents the most revered bracelets in white gold with unique and contemporary designs. Add a single diamond to your white gold bracelet for a precious novelty that is beyond just colourless artistry. Latest designs of diamond bracelets crafted in white gold include:

  1. Diamond Bar White Gold Bracelets

    Beautiful designs such as the Diamond Baguette Bracelet handwrought in 18 karat white gold featuring an unconventional translucent diamond cut in the form of a bar. This exclusive design reflects the appreciation for the beauty of geometrical and modern figures for the women of now.

  2. Diamond Bezel Bracelet In White Gold

    This eternal bracelet design serves as a tribute to perpetual classic styles. A sole flawless round diamond perfectly occluding hollow gold right up to the brim revealing an accented diamond sparkling at the centre. Epitomizing simplicity and sophistication, when worn singularly, this bracelet is perfect for daily wear to add a little sparkle to your everyday wear. It is also perfect for occasional wear when layered or worn with other bracelets. With an artfully placed diamond, this bracelet captures light and grace from all directions eternally making it one of the timeless pieces from the house of Opulenzo.

  3. White Gold Diamond Cuff Bracelet

    An extraordinary work of art that presents as a bedazzling gateway to a world full of brilliance. These cuff bracelets are accentuated with diamonds to create a mesmerizing pave diamond white gold bracelet. They are also crafted in alluring shapes such as the white gold diamond infinity bracelet. With two layers of handcrafted rendered white gold, this sleek assemblage creates a design similar to the infinity symbol bejewelled with diamonds to add an eternal texture to the hitherto perennial bracelet.

  4. White Gold Chain Bracelet

    These are dainty white gold bracelets that may be available as charm bracelets too. Opulenzo believes in the power of simple yet eloquent designs, hence, has given another take and created white gold chain bracelets with small diamond charms in various shapes. Unlike usual charm bracelets, our bracelets translate dimensional and elegant designs with a touch of whimsical arbitrariness so that you never lose your contiguity with puerile innocence and innumerable memories.

Our latest diamond bracelet designs for ladies allow graceful expressions of unsurpassed styles that require intensive care and methodical cleansing. This will protract modern lustre and conserve classic designs that date back to the 19th century. Handcrafted in refined 18 karat white gold, these bracelet designs enhance the luminosity and opulence of each brilliant diamond set in expressions of breathtaking pieces. These white gold bracelets can be layered or worn alone with other diamond jewellery and gold bracelet designs for an unparalleled style every time. Browse through our online jewelry catalogue of diamond white gold bracelets that are the epicentre of glamorous designs that promise to enthral every occasion.