Diamond Rose Gold Pendants

  1. clutched-medal-pendant-rose-gold-medium clutched-medal-pendant-model-m-hover
    20% Off
    Clutched Medal Pendant
    ₹26,820 ₹33,524
  2. studded-dash-bar-pendant-rose-gold-medium studded-dash-bar-pendant-one-rose-gold-medium
    15% Off
    Studded Dash Bar Pendant
    ₹26,302 ₹30,944
  3. mini-diamond-bar-pendant-rose-gold-medium mini-diamond-bar-pendant-model-m-hover
    10% Off
    Mini Diamond Bar Pendant
    ₹22,391 ₹24,879
  4. goldilock-pendant-rose-gold-medium goldilock-pendant-model-m
    12% Off
    Goldilock Pendant
    ₹20,762 ₹23,594
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Looking At The Pink Side Of Jewellery

The House of Opulenzo introduces some of the most cherished pieces of diamond rose gold jewellery that brings the magical energy of the flower that symbolises love, grace and romance. Motivated by this flower’s natural beauty and various hues, Opulenzo has endeavoured to recreate its elegance through its mesmerizing selection of diamond rose gold pendants. This exceptional work of art makes your stunning pieces of diamond jewellery blush. Timeless ornaments coupled with a trend on the rise is the reason why Opulenzo has embraced this warm and graceful jewellery range.

Each of our pendants highlights and enhances every diamonds innate brilliance exhibiting a flawless presentation of inimitable allure. This quintessential luminosity from diamonds and radiance from rose gold speak for themselves through a captivating series that include the following mesmerizing creations:

  1. Clutched Medal Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

    The clutched medal pendant is a mesmerizing sphere crafted from 18 karat rose gold that is hinged by a clip paved with scintillating diamonds. A contemporary pendant that creates a bonafide statement and exemplifies a classic shape with modern designs. This jewellery design was created by the artisans of our house who were inspired to create a prestigious medal that can be worn around your neck every day as an endowment of the smallest and biggest achievements and deeds accomplished daily.

  2. Mini Diamond Bar Rose Gold Pendant

    Inspired by clean geometrical lines, Opulenzo presents the Mini Diamond bar pendant. Crafted in 18 karat rose gold, this vertical bar pendant is embellished with three diamonds in a micro-prong setting. Perfect for making a subtle statement this modest pendant echoes elegance with a side of bold and beautiful.

  3. Goldilock Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

    This exquisite pendant captures timeless glamour through the amalgamation of the gorgeous metal that entraps an eternal sparkle. This pendant is carved into a shape that almost resembles a lock with a flawless round cut diamond that basks in varying angles of light. A delightful twist to modern abstraction.

Our selection of diamond rose gold pendants are available in our catalogue online. Shop from our unrivalled innovative diamond pendant designs with a fresh and florid touch to it.