Diamond Rose Gold Bracelets

  1. grand-pyramid-bracelet-rose-gold-medium grand-pyramid-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Grand Pyramid Bracelet
    ₹13,665 ₹16,076
  2. sparkler-bracelet-rose-gold-medium sparkler-bracelet-one-rose-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Sparkler Bracelet
    ₹17,497 ₹19,441
  3. studded-bohemian-bracelet-rose-gold-medium studded-bohemian-bracelet-one-rose-gold-medium
    7% Off
    Studded Bohemian Bracelet
    ₹62,410 ₹67,107
  4. clutched-medal-bracelet-rose-gold-medium clutched-medal-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Clutched Medal Bracelet
    ₹22,417 ₹26,374
  5. mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-rose-gold-medium mini-chain-reaction-bracelet-one-rose-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Mini Chain Reaction Bracelet
    ₹14,180 ₹15,756
  6. Trilliant Bracelet
  7. Trio Bracelet
  8. Octo Bracelet
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Rose & Romance

Patronizing Opulenzo’s prevailing heritage of marrying nature's florid colours with mother earth’s magnificent diamonds and precious metals, artisans in the house of Opulenzo reimagine a mesmerizing collection.

Nature's most captivating flower and a pivotal token of love, the essence of roses are captured in our catalogue of rose gold plain gold jewellery. Diamond rose gold bracelets celebrate the graceful hues of these blossoms through a line of alluring daily and occasional diamond bracelets.

Enduring Promise & Love

Ushering a delicate floral perspective to stunning designs, these bracelets add warmth and innate brilliance to every special moment. Renowned for symbolizing passionate love, Opulenzo presents captivating rose gold bracelets for her.

Our collection of rose gold diamond jewellery translates everlasting love and an imperishable promise of handcrafting this jewellery with genuine and real precious metals and supreme diamonds only.

Wallow In Ardour

The cutting edge style of this feminine jewellery is destined to illuminate any occasion. Celebrating one of natures most pristine creations, diamond rose gold bracelets add a touch of blush that blooms in every enchanting piece with utmost radiance.

Opulenzo presents captivating designs with various diamond styles and settings that include:

  1. Diamond Rose Gold Bar Bracelet

    Handcrafted in 18 karat rose gold this bracelet sparkles with a perfectly carved and set bar diamond that sits right at the centre. The timeless diamond and the modern romantic precious metal colour unite to form equal parts of classic and contemporary.

  2. Rose Gold Bezel Diamond Bracelet

    Recalling the rejuvenating dewdrop this rose gold diamond ball bracelet design exhibits a bezel set diamond bedecked in 18 karat rose gold. A sparkling diamond in a bezel setting sculpted in rose gold come together to form a depiction of the cosmos natural glitter.

  3. Rose Gold Diamond Cuff Bracelet

    Elegant and sophisticated, we present diamond rose gold cuff bracelets is in unique shapes. Cast in 18 karat rose gold, these diamond bracelets possess eccentric cuffs with a dash of sparkle. Our studded bohemian bracelet personifies this novel style.

  4. Rose Gold Diamond Infinity Bracelet

    An exquisite interpretation of the Infinity symbol, these bracelets include a bold loop motif that unites to form the eminent infinity symbol. These bracelets possess two hollow circles that embrace your wrist, one of which consists of paved or embellished diamonds. These superior quality diamonds are handset meticulously so that you receive matchless sparkle each time you make a move.

  5. Rose Gold Diamond Charm Bracelet

    These are thin rose gold bracelets with diamonds that are quaint and charming. Opulenzo credences in the power of simplicity and so, we present charm bracelets that are unlike any other.

    These are rose gold bracelets designed for women who love keeping it simple yet attractive. These bracelets include diamond charms that are situated on the chain so that they hug your wrist and are easy to carry with or without other bracelets.

Each of our diamond rose gold bracelets are crafted from superior quality metals and gemstones that modify each piece of jewellery into fine art and echoes the beauty of nature. Change the way you wear diamonds with designs that make heads turn. Shop online from our collection of diamond rose gold bracelets that translate Opulenzo’s fine jewellery designs into superior creations made from the world's rarest diamonds that honour our legacy.