1. grand-pyramid-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium grand-pyramid-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Grand Pyramid Bracelet
    ₹13,665 ₹16,076
  2. sparkler-bracelet-white-gold-medium sparkler-bracelet-one-white-gold-medium
    10% Off
    Sparkler Bracelet
    ₹17,497 ₹19,441
  3. Art Deco Bracelet
  4. studded-bohemian-bracelet-rose-gold-medium studded-bohemian-bracelet-one-rose-gold-medium
    7% Off
    Studded Bohemian Bracelet
    ₹62,410 ₹67,107
  5. Bohemian Bracelet
  6. clutched-medal-bracelet-yellow-gold-medium clutched-medal-bracelet-model-m
    15% Off
    Clutched Medal Bracelet
    ₹22,417 ₹26,374
  7. Modish Bracelet
  8. Pyramid Bracelet
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History of Bracelets

Bracelets have been used to adorn the wrist and draw the eye to the beauty of a woman’s hands. The term bracelet was derived from the Latin word, ‘ Brachium’ which means the ‘the arm’. Archaeological evidence has revealed that bracelets were almost 9,500 years old. This record was beaten when archaeologists in Siberia found a set of jewellery that also included a bracelet, which after several tests, was estimated to be about 40,000 years old. The precise era of when bracelets were discovered is a topic that is still debated upon.

Ever since these wristlets have been emblazoned by many famous personalities throughout history to date. Bracelets elevate the style of any apparel with ease. During the ancient to the medieval period, bracelets were made of stones, feathers, leather, stems and flowers etc. Eventually, modernization began arising which led to the adaption of unique and various styles. These bracelets were then bedecked with various beautiful and natural objects such as wood, shells, coloured rocks and pearls etc. With time, these materials were ultimately replaced by precious metals and gemstones also, establishing a modern era in the jewellery industry. Today, each bracelet varies in terms of styles, designs and materials used to compose a mesmerizing bracelet. Plain gold is widely used to craft a stellar curve that hugs your wrist and various gemstones, among which the diamond is popularly used to adorn these.

The house of Opulezno presents a series of extraordinary bracelets that exhibit the elegance and sophistication of the simple era through minimal designs. Sparkling high-quality diamonds are used to translate the natural elements used to bejewel these bracelets. Demonstrating their artistic and creative emotion, craftsmen at Opulenzo unveil highly anticipated pieces of diamond jewellery that express breakthroughs of antiquity through bracelets such as:

  • Plain Gold Bracelets

    Opulenzo celebrates the fluid style of contemporary and trending designs through their chain bracelets. These are pieces of plain gold jewellery crafted in 18 karat rendered gold. Their simple chains are given a modern touch with sole charms that are alluring and are inspired through various geometrical, natural and ultra-modern figures. The chain is provided with 4 jump rings from 6.5 to 7 inches so that you can adjust or resize your bracelet effortlessly. This modern balance of jaunty charms and poised arches are flawlessly executed in our creation.

  • Diamond Bracelets

    Inspired by the architecture of popular structures, clean lines and other daring forms, our diamond bracelets capture its beauty and put a spin on it with a dash of sparkle. These bracelets for women possess paved or embellished diamonds. For a minimal yet extraordinary style, you can opt for a cuff bracelet crafted in 18 karat gold with a small amount of meticulously handset diamonds. An ideal bracelet pattern that is minimal yet captivating. Our collection of diamond bracelets reflect the innovative skills of craftsmanship through our designs, settings and alternative techniques to resize bracelets effortlessly. These diamond bracelets blend with other diamond or plain gold bracelets and highlighting the illuminating radiance emitted from the ethereal diamond.

Browse through an exclusive collection of stunning jewellery online. Our delicate, one-of-a-kind bracelets are expressions of contemporary designs and can effortlessly be worn from day to night.