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Endless battles they fought, In search of it, a million men set out. Voyages and pirates, myths and rumours, An ocean of mysticism is what jewels indeed brought.

Folklore is rich with tales of adventurers and explorers setting out in search of lands that boasted of unending treasures. Amusing as they are, because we hear these tales even today, there still would be this innate part of you that whispers to yourself every time you hear such a fascinating tale, “what if I unearth that treasure?”

To sate your explorative urges, Opulenzo brings to you jewellery so rich and grand in every sense, you’d feel you tumbled upon the Lost City Of Atlantis.


Humans and their fascination with jewellery is obscured from none. Even at the most atomic level of human society, every individual resorts to accessorization, for a reason or another. It could be a religious sentiment you hold, or the memory of a loved one you wish to behold everywhere you go. And things weren’t that different with our ancestors too. With the onset of the age where humans learned to beat metals down to various shapes, jewellery became a prominent, more so an inseparable part, of early human civilisation.

Gold jewellery instantly became a huge hit among kings and queens and all nobility alike. Early Egyptians are considered to be the earliest users gold into jewellery making as they venerated gold because of its shine which resembled the sunshine.

Indian jewellery that graced one of the oldest civilisations of the world was uniquely intricate and was known to have a far reach due to its elaboration. Ornate jewellery designs so breathtaking, that merchants could not help but trade their goods away for even a unit of this magnificence. Having facilitated trade all over the world, jewellery not only got the world closer, but paved the most obvious way there is for progress and human development.

Modern day jewellery

A lot may have changed from the era of kings to the epoch of democracies, but hasn’t is the undying love for jewellery. Contemporary jewellery designs have turned out to be that essentiality without which every event lacks “that” spark. An irrevocable and irreplaceable charm is what modern day jewellery designs online provide and it does not come by as wonder why these trinkets are so sought after. You get the finest jewellery without any of the hassle. All you need to do is get comfortable and get clicking. Scroll through a plethora of designs and revel in the widest range of jewellery to choose from.

Get rooted!

Traditional Indian designs have been trendsetters in various parts of the fashion world now and they just never seem to topple off their eccentric status. And how would they? Every curve and every bend exudes magnificence so rich and brilliant, you just cannot keep your eyes of it. At Opulenzo, we seek the aid of modern day machinery to bring about top-notch finesse with traditional designs. We pride in our vast collection of the most exquisite Indian jewellery designs that will ameliorate any cultural occasion you can think of. Indian jewellery designs online with price and a lot of benefits is what you can reap, because at Opulenzo, we are all about affordable luxury diamond jewellery. It’s raining offers here all year long.

Rings, bracelets, pendants and solitaires. You name it, we’ve got something better and yet cheaper than what you expected.