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Plain Gold Rings

Why gold?

Gold — the undisputed symbol of health and prosperity, finds no obstruction to be the hot topic of discussion when a prestigious occasion comes up. The sui generis quality of not corroding renders gold associations with ideas like immortality and longevity.

Plain Gold jewellery has been the ethos of Indian culture since the very beginning of it. Royalty, prestige, wealth and success were just a few of the ideas which gold rings reflect. Gold turned out to be such an omnipresent element that it found itself in ancient medicine where holding gold closer to your body meant embracing good health and immunity. It was also said to drive away evil spirits solely due to its brilliant shine. Conceding to this belief, the idea of health and fitness soon turned to be the donning of gold. From plain gold rings to gold bracelets, no holds were barred when it came to using the yellow metal for one’s well-being.

Gold now

Though the world may have changed massively from how our forefathers saw it, one thing still hasn’t changed — the luxury status owned by gold. The golden hue glinting in all its prime manages to captivate hearts all the same. The ultimate gifting option in the modern era, auspicious in ways more than one and the reflection of our adherence to our roots; a gold ring sure does unfold a whole different dimension of elegance and elan.

Presenting excellence; plainly so

At Opulenzo, our pursuit for excellence knows no cessation. We tirelessly strive to bring to you the best you deserve. With the widest range to offer when it comes to gold jewellery, our vast collection might stupefy you to say the least. Exquisite artwork and the essence of ancient culture merging into one glimmering segue, our plain gold ring designs are mesmerising every bit. Embellishment lies at the heart of everything we do, and so we thought of adding a few scintillating diamonds to augment your gold rings online shopping experience. You now have a mixed bag of cocktail rings and diamond rings to suit your various stylist caprices.

The sheer glint of the metal has such expansive impacts all across the timeline of evolution, that the way it has been embedded in the very roots of traditionalism makes the fact nothing but too obvious.

Bridal rings and engagement rings cater to the traditional requirements of matrimonial events, courtesy gold jewellery that has existed ever since civilisation has. They have, effortlessly so, towered over gender differences as they now come in shapes that appease the likes of men too. Mens rings, in their purest and simplest designs to sate the whims of the simple man are our forte.

Over the years, gold as an element sure did go through some reforms and none of them being even a tad bit less brilliant. Instead, they only shine brighter, for aeons to light ahead.

Substance that has enticed the interests of our interests and surely will do the same to generations after us, gold sure holds eternal potency. Symbol of eternality, ours for the wearing.