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Gold Jewellery

Often synonymized with the radiance of the Sun itself, Gold in itself is a realm. Having stirred the interests of individuals for quite some centuries now, Gold still remains to be the rather humble metal. Though it holds impeccable shine and glimmer, which goes without saying, it is a perfect companion to an array of gemstones. It is this compatibility that makes gold one of the most sought after metal when it comes to jewellery making. It is also one of the most malleable metals, making it possible to mould into a million designs. The vogue world sure cannot thank gold enough for merely existing!

Gold’n Timeline

One of the earliest discovered metals being copper and gold, our fascination with the metal has been primitive. Since then, a legacy began. Malleability of gold enabled it to be molded into desired shaped, without much of an effort. Gold jewellery as a sect of accessorization had commenced. It rose in value because gold was in dearth, availability-wise. And the world realised that the scarcer a product is, the more valuable it becomes. Over the years, gold was used to flaunt off one’s riches. The more gold one had, the richer one was thus making one a valuable person.

As humans evolved, newer methods to handle gold were invented. Melting and beating it into shapes was an art mastered by our early ancestors, which still remains to be an art passed over. This paved the way for Gold to be moulded into thousands of shapes and has thus been used as a prominent jewellery metal. Exquisite gold jewellery designs were rampant then. Not only has it been used to depict wealth, richness and prosperity but it has also been associated with purity. It has also created itself a niche in philosophy in the form of Golden Mean and other such concepts.

Etymologically, gold comes from the latin word Aurum meaning “dawn,” which stands as proof enough that gold’s radiance was directly associated with the Sun’s rays. So much so that early Egyptians regarded gold in high terms because it venerated the Sun God Ra.

Gold Now

The turning over of a century, which diminished a lot of ancient beliefs, fads and trends, however failed to mitigate the splendour of the mighty Gold. The reason behind this being that though a lot has changed, one thing that hasn’t is our fascination with gold. One just can not get enough of its grandeur that it exudes. Being now used adorn a million dreams all over the world, gold is now a marriage essential. From golden bangles, pendants to gold bracelets and so much more, you would find your entire ensemble in just the gold category. Gold jewellery online has revolutionised the way you go about with your wedding preps. You can now choose from a myriad of products that offer wondrous varieties like casual rings, designer pendants, nose pins, etc. Gold jewellery has always been the most sought after metal to grace auspicious occasions apart from just weddings. From Diwali to Dushera, Gold does manage to surface to the forefronts, making us realise of its wonderful, wonderful existence.

Purity and Opulenzo

Being the smart shopper that you are, gold purity would always been a concerning matter. Which, by the way, is an excellent display of prudency. All our products are BIS Hallmark certified and verified on international standards of gold purity. We ensure that no product leaving our yards go unchecked. Our products range all the way from 14kt gold jewellery to 18kt gold jewellery and every single unit from them is top notch quality. Post multiple rounds of quality checks and analysis, we bring to you only the best, which is exactly what you deserve.

In conclusion, we’d say, though all that glitters isn’t gold, but all that’s gold sure does glitter. And more often than not, that’s all that matters. That’s all that has ever mattered.