Around here, our MO is pretty simple – you always come first. When you shop with us you’ll get tons of special privileges, no holds barred.

Over 100 Years Of Experience In Making Jewellery

Many in the industry have trusted us to manufacture jewellery for their discerning clientele for over a hundred years.

We have been manufacturers for and suppliers to some of the biggest jewellery brands internationally, jewellery manufacturing and diamond cutting techniques that have been perfected by us over a century, passed down from generation to generation now allow us to bring that same quality and ethics to Opulenzo.


We Believe Buying Jewellery Should Be Easy

We’re all about fine jewellery that you always wanted to wear but could never find. Jewellery that you can wear every day, jewellery that you can live in, and also keep forever. We make the edit so you don’t have to.

We edit everything, from the type of gold you can buy, the quality and type of diamonds used, even the designs we launch are massively tested. For every design that makes it to the website, a hundred were rejected.

A Cut Above The Rest

Our highly trained diamond cutters and jewellery craftsmen undergo a rigid 2-year apprenticeship before they start working on Opulenzo diamonds and jewellery, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship. Being diamantaires, we cut and polish our own diamonds, and have been doing so for decades.

Almost every other jeweller has to buy their diamonds from the open market. If there’s anybody who understands diamonds, it is us. Opulenzo frequently rejects stones that would be accepted by others. In fact, 99.96% of the gem grade diamonds in the world fall short of Opulenzo’s standards. For that reason, only the best diamonds get selected for our products.


Our Prices Remain Unbeaten

Great designs, best quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship ensure the best value for money. Being manufacturers of not only jewellery but also diamonds, you cut out multiple middlemen when buying from Opulenzo.

Generally, the norm in the industry was that if it looks pretty, it would be of lower value for money. If you were looking at buying jewellery just as an investment, the designs you get to pick from wouldn’t be pretty to look at. Opulenzo changes that: Incredible Designs - Great Value!

Expert Assistance At The Touch Of A Button

We are the same people hands-on with product manufacturing in the factory as well as customer support and interaction. You’re not dealing with just salesmen, but jewellery experts who also love jewellery.

We’ll answer any questions over the phone, live chat, e-mail or on our social media handles.


Custom Jewellery Built Exclusively For You

We go out of our way to make sure your Opulenzo piece is truly a reflection of your personality.

We take great pleasure in giving our customers a full run of the design process. Since we love jewellery, we want to give you something timeless you will truly love.

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