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Stud Earrings

We’ve often heard, colloquially so, that “good things come in small packages.” The truth of the above statement holds so apposite for Stud earrings that one may wonder if that is the inspiration behind the phrase.

The fashion industry is fickle as a butterfly’s flutter. This undeniable fact falls harsh on fashion trends that catch up all the breeze but sooner than you know, they’ve died. In a coliseum where nothing seems to last forever, the stud variety of earrings seems to have lasted so long that one can assume it to be immortal.

What stylised the stud status?

History could well be deemed as a collection of everything garish. From earrings to ostentatious gold necklaces and bling gold bangles, everything was vivid on a max levels, no hold barred. But as the Victorian era set in, things inclined towards a subtler approach towards fashion. Smaller and sober looking jewellery was now being preferred and this paved the path for stud earrings which have been a glaring example of an undying fashion fad. Chic designs that encage the interests of all those who watch it, stud earrings sure did know to make a statement. Elegantly made earrings with elaborate detailing and finesse so sublime that it makes one feel like they’re jaunting down the queen’s palace. For giving providing an era so satisfying and peaceful that bred art and culture in the finest of manner, we say “Long may she reign!”

One for all, all for stud!

The modernist era that draws on the past heavily would in no way neglect the brilliance rendered by the small marvel that is stud earring. Recreating Victorian era by bringing back stylised earrings, the generation-now has gotten its act on fleek. With designs uncountable, stud earrings now enjoy a regal spot in present-day adornment. Gold stud earrings share a hit status of ionospheric levels and it shows when we see it being one of the most preferred unit of ornamentation. With variations available in hues of gold, you now get the elbow room to choose from rose gold stud earrings and white gold stud earrings which impart excellence of the highest degree.

Breaking gender barriers

Many may not know this as a fact but men donning earrings is not an event of recent doings. Antediluvian records testify men wearing stud earrings that displayed a certain sense of authority among their peers. Now, mens stud earrings are a trend that taken the vogue world by storm for quite some time now. Stud earrings for men just seems to be ideal for a gender which massively believes in less is more.

A classy collection to suit the altruistic gentleman is all you’d need to make him happy. Gold stud earrings for men add the apt amount spruce to your dapper of a better half.

Bridge the virtual gaps between those genders as you both now don earrings in all its glory. Such feminism, much equality.

Solitaire jewellery is yet another aspect that has effectively launched itself beyond the gender specifications, as men not only don solitaire earrings, they slay. Ladies, harden not your hearts for you have the most exquisite collection of drop earrings and casual earrings to choose from, that you’d find yourself in an unending dilemma.

At Opulenzo, we believe that choice is a privilege you deserve. An expansive range of traditional gold stud earrings for women that leave you agape, there is nothing you would miss out on here. If you are the bling-o-phile, we make sure that you never leave empty handed as we have assorted the best diamond studded earrings at your disposal.

The artisanry of an age-old era glinting on your ear; echoes of the past swindle through the ages.