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Drop Earrings and the mystic they command

Earrings have tremendously changed the way accessories have been perceived. Step out for one day without your ear adornments and you would be questioned at every turn, constantly being told “something’s missing.” You certainly cannot do without such a “something” that holds the potential to complete your look on such magnitudinous levels. In a sea of variation under this vast category of modern day bijouterie, every drop counts.

Drop earrings are what could be seen as an ideal representation of cascading brilliance. The trinkets usually comprise of a stylised section of the earring “dropping” from the ear lobe. This implies that the earring would be attached to the earlobe but in a less ostentatious manner so as to not take the spotlight away for the fine work that’s left hanging, quite literally so.

The Glimpse Of The Mirthful Past Of Earrings

For those of you who never thought of this, earrings do hold their bit of highs and lows. Earrings have been a part of bedizenment since its very initiation. Studies say that they were worn by sailors who claimed to have voyaged the world. Some also state that the motive for earrings were to ward off evil spirits and some said that they were worn to reflect one’s social status. This could be considered as their high. But earrings hit rock bottom when they were deemed clip ons were considered a better option. But then again, they came back with a bang in late 1800’s and have stuck around since then, for good.

Drop Earrings At Opulenzo

More often than not, you are always on the hunt for something that stands out. Something that sets you apart from the all that’s out there. Something that matches your aura and puts you across in a light that is unmissable by the masses. At Opulenzo, this is what fuels our think tank. You above all; a cut above the rest.

With a plethora of drop earrings online to choose from, you’d find the sublimity sprinkling through every masterpiece on display. Adorning you right from a sangeet ceremony to that unannounced client meet, the versatility of gold drop earrings will never fail to astonish you. For those more aligned to eccentricity can opt for something more contemporary like studs earrings or hoop earrings and you are good to slay. Gold jewellery is that surefire mantra that will always, always work.

How We Drop The Beat?

Off-the-wall is your style and we’re all about it. The one-stop-shop for your endless whims is what this is. Dangle earrings, hanging earrings, long earrings; whatever your need is, we’ve got it bettered. Earrings that match the most vivid settings, embellishing your ear is one thing checked off the list.

So now when you step into that success party or that reception ceremony or maybe just a good ol’ family dinner, you’d have your earring game on fleek! Drops of mysticism are yours to behold. Luxury is yours for the taking. Right about now.