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Resplendence rests in every whim Radiance wavering in every sideward glance Rhythm finds abode in her sway Radical stays her soul in the presence of elegant earrings.

They come in various forms, various shapes and various hues, but yet generation after generation earrings commands captivation of every soul in search of absolute beauty.

A earring, single handedly so, renders one a look of completion. It comes as no surprise as to why they have been such an inseparable part of the feminine garb since the beginning of civilization.

Earrings have turned out to be a vital aspect of adornment that you now have different earring designs of it for every occasion. But this elegant piece of jewellery held its own share of mysticism and symbolism in the days of yore.

The Affluence Of Earrings

Earrings have been a celebrated unit of jewellery which was worn by our ancestors as a symbol of a wealthy social status. Gold earrings caught on as a trend in the higher echelons of Roman, Greek and Indian civilizations due to gold's’ non-corrosive properties. Also because gold denoted richness and luxury, it was a highly sought after element by royalties that existed back then. As times went on, iterations of earrings came into being. These iterations transcended the boundaries of gender and became a prominent feature of masculine attire too.

From sailors and pirates to emperors and knights, all donned the trinket in all its grandeur. Men's jewellery became such a common affair that they were no longer seen as something that’s gender specific. All reveled in the amour propre elevation courtesy this bauble.

Earrings Now

Earrings today enjoy no less of a stature as they once did. Easily the centre of attraction at any event, earrings are what bring out the best there is to you. The flair and the shine a pair of earrings bring to you remain unparalleled. Indifferent to many aspects of fashion and styling, earrings display immense versatility. You could use small earrings for a more universal approach as they never ever backfire with whatever it is that you decide to wear. Or you could go with big earrings for when you feel confident and the need for a certain extravagance is a prerequisite.

In the expansive world of jewellery earrings, gemstones play a salient part. Gemstone earrings studded with the most coruscant stones form a rather formidable dimension in designer earrings.

In the era where everything is just a click away, you definitely wouldn’t break into a sweat when shopping for jewellery comes to mind. Online earrings prove to be a boon to those of you who would not particularly step out just to pick out a few trinkets. No matter how precious they be, comfort comes first.

We at Opulenzo value your leisure time and hence bring an array of brilliantly crafted jewellery pieces made by expert artisans at work just a click away. Shopping for earrings online has its own perks like choosing the hue of metal to accentuate your ideal attire. From jhumkas to hoops & huggies and white gold earrings, we have what it takes to bring a unfading smile on your face.

Stud Earrings

The present day idea of everything mod demands a subtle essence of simplicity. “Gaudy’s gotta go” is a mantra adopted by fashionistas all round the town. The unmatched versatility stud earrings provide makes it quintessential for everyday embellishment. Stylish earrings in the stud variety are available for those of you who feel like adding an eccentric punch to per diem accessorizings.

Being a part of a modish cult could never get easier than this. Brush your hair and paint your lips. Don some fab earrings and conquer the day.