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Diamond Rings — Centuries Of Chronicles Bundled In Blinding Glare

If the jewellery fraternity was considered a hierarchy, then this is what you call Royalty. Rings being an indelible mark on the canvas of jewellery never got a brushstroke better than the one which landed a diamond on its head. Diamonds rings enjoy the luxurious status among luxury jewellery and that is something to add to its laud.

What promulgates the dominance of a diamond ring is the massive demand for the same all over the world. The trinket that personifies eternal love and embodies a promise made in love, obviously and undoubtedly enjoys a plush status among the elite.


Having its roots in the ancient Roman empire, diamond ring can be called one of the reasons why Rome is considered the cradle of “Romanticism.” The real usage of solitaire rings for betrothals can be tracked down to the Visigothic code where the exchange of rings stood as a symbol of an unbreakable bond. But real lionization came across the diamond ring’s way is during the Renaissance period, when the Archduke of Austria presented his wife with a diamond ring on their betrothal.

Ever since then, the diamond ring started being associated with weddings and the feeling of love. This comes as little surprise though, isn’t it? What would be a better way than to express your love for your significant other by offering a glittering stone?

Diamond rings — a shining legacy

Since its very inception, diamond ring has established itself as the salient feature of every romantic bravado, or of nuptials. But are they the only places we hear of this legacy?

Diamond rings are ideal gifting options and transcend the barriers of just wedlock. Love being a universal abstraction, and diamonds rings being the tangible synonym of love, can be found in all walks of life. It could be your sister, your mother, or your grandmother even. Love is everywhere and so is the existence of the diamond ring. Diamond rings for women ensure that you keep the smile intact and fixed for good on the lady of your life. For in the end, we do know how a diamond makes a woman go all jumpy and exhilarated, don’t we?

A tale of antiquity penned with the ink of technology

With changing times, changes our approach. And the simplest example of this could be the internet-ization of the diamond rings. Diamond ring designs online are such a rage that their availability is borderline unreality. Also having display of diamond jewellery and casual rings online for your perusal, you have absolutely got everything under one roof. We also pride ourselves in our interesting collection of cocktail ring online that are sure to blow your mind away. You too can now buy exquisite diamond ring designs online with just a few clicks. And when the time for the “I do’s” comes close, cement your bond for eternity and beyond with our meticulously designed bands.

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