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Diamond Jewellery

The embodiment of allure A million voyages roused Celestial shimmer and shine galore A thousand million stories it’s housed.

The closest thing to a star we can own, a diamond is every bit magic. These scintillating stones shine so bright that you are dumbstruck with its sheer excellence. What one wonders is the first ever reaction to this glinting wonder. Ever since the majesty of this stone was established, everyone seemed to want a bit of it. Diamond jewellery designs have been on the throne, reigning the jewellery scenes all around the world, since who knows when.

A diamond perhaps is a woman’s best friend, but endless expeditions have been undertaken by men in search for it. Not just to present them to their beloved but to in mad rage to own something divinely beautiful. To have something in possession that could be regarded as a sliver of absolute magic. As centuries lapsed, Europeans mastered diamond cutting and this allowed larger diamond chunks to be broken to smaller, wearable pieces. This sired an empire of diamond jewellery that yet blazes the world in its wondrous flare.

The ethos of culture; the spirit of eternity

When one comes to think of it, there simply is no wedlock ceremony that is entirely complete without diamond jewellery, is there? The very centre of matrimony, diamond jewellery not only renders the spark and the glimmer to match the exhilaration you feel, but also embodies the everlasting promise you two make to each other, to stay together, shine together and live together forever.

Weddings are cultural events and that is when the culture you belong to, the traditions your culture holds are highlighted. And when the responsibility of representing a culture is concerned, there certainly could not be a better candidate than diamonds. The apt representation of traditions that have lasted for aeons now, diamonds and their association with “forever” is a tale as old as time.

Introducing revolutionary diamond jewellery aesthetics since our inception

Opulenzo’s line of online diamond jewellery is vivid and enticing to say the least. Holding a legacy spanning over 40 years, our products reflect the lustre of antiquity and the finesse of the modern century. Our adroit artisans skillfully render a crude diamond a touch of perfection that is hard to resist. Every cut so precise and clean that the finished product leaves you wide-eyed in amazement.

Diamond rings now command an audience that is not age specific or gender specific anymore. The world is its stage and the diamond ring is the inadvertent superstar. Gripping humanity with umpteen amounts of varieties when it comes to diamond jewellery — in the form of diamond earrings and diamond pendants and diamond nosepins, diamond bangles and bracelets — the dimension of diamond jewellery is unending, quite seemingly so.

Be the smart buyer

Diamond jewellery shopping can be a tricky affair. There is so much to know, so much to consider. Helping you out with some boss pro tips here, always remember to know on what basis you can select diamonds. Know the 4Cs that rule diamond dimensions and structure, inside out. This would filter out the vultures out there waiting to take a swig at your pockets. A thorough knowledge of your purchases pushes silver tongued thieves at bay. Know what charges you have to bear exactly while buying the product and ask for certificates for you wouldn’t want your diamond to be illegal. Conflict diamonds, anyone?

At Opulenzo, we hold at our core, the motto that every product that reaches you is top notch and satisfying in every way possible. For that, we offer precise price break ups to render you clarity on what are the exact prices you have to bear. Express shipping and value for money is what you are looking for, and it is all what we are about. Every piece leaving our yard is 100% certified by recognised diamond verification institutions worldwide.

So when the loom of diamond jewellery shopping hovers over, kick your feet back and get clicking on Opulenzo. We’ve got you covered here.