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Lightweight Bangles

“Easy does it” has been the contemporary mantra to everything these days. Consider travelling, food, fashion or any such aspect of lifestyle, keeping it simple has reaped more benefits than being pompous. And bangles have, in all its entirety, been one of the simplest and all embracing units of modern day jewellery.

Women and their affinity to simplicity is what inspired us to design special bangles that cater to their simplistic proclivities. Lightweight bangles exude panache and elegance in the subtlest of ways. Breaking away from the traditional dimensions of a bangle, lightweight bangles emulate golden fibres much like from the Age of Indian Regale, where gold was fabricated.

These bangles, though thin, are actually studded with style and finesse of the highest order. Single line bangles exude similar excellence, and this is where making a pick gets tricky. But we assure this is the only bit where taking a call may seem difficult.

Gifting comes to you like a breeze; as tender and brisk as the chiming pair of lightweight bangle, dangling on your wrists. The ideal gift is not what looks ostentatious but provides a certain sense of comfort and ease, which is primarily what our lightweight bangles provide.

Holding the gifting thought a little longer, buying lightweight bangles online from Opulenzo comes in with exciting offers. What better way is there to gifting then, especially when you can customise the trinket to the specifications of your special one.

Lightweight bangles that cast the limelight on you

There comes a time at the party, when suddenly you get the limelight for the marvellous diva that you are. This is when the lightweight bangle speaks highly of your simplistic proclivities, your elegance and your charm in totality. Ranging in affordable bracket of pricing, our thin bangles ensure that they do not burn a thick hole in your wallet.

Versatile jewellery to the versatile Indian

In a diverse country like ours, your attire needs to put up with extreme changes to match up to the cultural diversification. Having a versatile bauble in your bijouterie box makes you the ultimately beautiful version of the “Jack of All trades” with your bib and tucker game on point irrespective of the occasion and the location.

The versatility of the lightweight bangle comes from its simplicity and the modish curves it flaunts, thus making it the consummate choice. But what is better than just versatility and panache? Variation. With lightweight bangles available in not yellow gold, you would also find rose gold lightweight bangles and white gold lightweight bangles to add all the necessary bling to your outing. Pair this with a couple of gold stud earrings and a nose pin and there you are. Goddess from the skies gracing every occasion with sheer charm and tangible magnificence.

Whenever the clouds of doubt loom, let the ray of hope diverging from our widest and vivaciously pleasing collection of lightweight bangles bring you clarity.