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Broad bangles — merging timelines

One would argue the merits of merging timelines, stating that timeline adultery is one of the zaniest things you could do to mitigate the magnificence of either of them — the past and the present. Owing to our rich and varied culture, we have a lot lying on our backs that can be brought back. But the question remains, “would the current generation go for it?”

If this thought has occurred to you too, then we’d recommend you put it to rest because the era of fusion is here and no, nobody cringes at that thought anymore. Bringing to light the best of two worlds has always been the essence of fusion.

Traditional bangles rediscovered into a different fashion is refreshing to be saying the least. Currently, there exists a myriad of products that are out there to make you look the best version of yourself and you cannot deny the fact that all of these perfectly crafted pieces are made with a certain sense of delicacy and grace. But there comes a time when you feel like asserting dominance, subtly so. This is when you turn to Broad bangles because when it comes to stating things in bold, there’s nothing bolder than the Broad bangle.

Boldify your style statement

True elegance surfaces when you do not need words to express it. What would really get talking about you is when you do that ultra-elegant wave and the glare of your bold broad bangle blinds your admirers by its sheer brilliance. Become the talk of the town and transgress just the barriers of the page 3, for you are a phenomenon the world needs to know. The beauty that resides in you needs a medium to channelise. Let it all out with our exquisite range of broad bangle designs and channelise the dominatrix you are.

Partake in the vogue wave

A melange of grace and boldness, the broad bangle represents the undying and unflinching will of woman. When traditional gold jewellery resurfaces as something so powerful and yet so beautiful, you know the ideal depiction of a woman has just come by. Age old culture remodelled to suit the dynamicity of the chaotic today never looked this stunning. Single line bangles coupled with a few broad bangles, and what you have is an entire fashion era twirled around your wrists, under your command.

All you need to do is surf through our super lucid website, and pick broad bangles online. No sweat there!

Why THEN and NOW when you can have both?

Life is tough and there are enough choices to be made already. We would not put you through the same ordeal. At Opulenzo, we bring to you the best of both the worlds. Buy broad bangles online only at Opulenzo and revel in a luxury like no other.

Stay in trend for now and forever, with Opulenzo.