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Bracelets That Embrace Charisma

Having charmed humanity for over thousands of years, the bracelet still remains to be an indelible mark on the wide canvas of jewellery. Elegant in design and beautiful nuances make the bracelet an unfailing formula to every attire. Innumerable iterations to the classic design of the bracelet may have come to exist pertaining to a myriad of occasions the bracelet is obliged to grace; the underlying use of the bracelet remains unchanged — to resemble the true you.

History of bracelets

Spiralling 5000 years down “Before Common Era”, bracelets were adorned by early Egyptians to represent their loyalties to the Sun God Ra. What was once used to represent religious proclivities, soon turned out to be an element of accessorization as it went international. Evidences show that early Romans and Greek too were mesmerized by the simplicity of the Bracelet.

The popularity of gold bracelets designs spread faster than wildfire, transcending not only national boundaries but even those of gender as interesting gold bracelets for men dug a niche for itself in antediluvian times. Gold bracelets for women was a common sight to see, as in some nationalities the bracelet held a marital significance. Gold and silver bracelets soon became the face of fashion.

Bracelet designs were so elaborate and intricate back then that one with a heart for true artsmanship could just not not own one for themselves. As the variations got fancier, the position of wearing the bracelet changed too. Ancient Greeks wore bracelets on their arm or their wrists. In India, sturdier versions of the bracelet was incepted, known as Bangles and together — Bangles and Bracelets — have adorned a million or more weddings since then. Use of bracelets at weddings only goes to show the chastity held by this unit of adornment at auspicious occasions like matrimony.

Bracelets bracing the Now

Current times are all about dynamicity. And when it comes to bringing something new to the plate always, we at Opulenzo are all game for it. Bringing in a deluge of the widest range of products from 18 kt gold bracelet designs to 14 kt gold bracelet designs, you’d only be mesmerized if not stunned. Unique designs in bracelets for men and bracelets for women please both the sexes for we do not encourage the infamous “Battle of the sexes” when in actuality, all can win. And what better way is there to it?

Studded bracelets to bring out the best in you

And though history speaks of bracelets forged in precious metals signifying this thing or that, we at Opulenzo thought of raising the stakes a tad higher. So why must the sparkle of the gleaming bracelet remain unpaired when single line banglesexist? Breathtaking gold bracelet designs are a surefire method to get all eyes on you when you are at that luxurious outing. When it comes down to bringing your best self forward, rock it up with some scintillating diamonds, making you appear star studded, for real.

And one starry night it will end up being!


Pairing adds to the charm

To complete your Sunday best look down to the T, all you’d need is just a pair of wonderfully crafted thin bangles or broad bangles if you wish to assert a bolder presence.

Gold jewellery never looked so stunningly beautiful before but the formula for magic is simple — the elegance of the past and the mastery of present. You can try our endless combinations by checking out a plethora of gold jewellery online and diamond jewellery designs, without abandoning the comforts of your home. Diamond bangle and bracelets designs online assorted in one artful collection are here to please your sights.

An alchemy in the making; brilliantly radiant bracelets for the taking. Only at Opulenzo, where everything is “A Cut Above The Rest.”