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100% Certified Jewellery

All of that bling shines brighter when it’s backed by assurance of Expert Gemologists.

  • GOLD glitters even more as it is certified by BIS Hallmark.
  • The sparkle of the DIAMOND held intact by IGI, EGL & HRD certification.
  • SOLITAIRES hold the assurance of GIA & IGI & HRD certification.

4th Generation Diamantaires

Brilliance comes with age and that is what we rely on to get only the best to you.

The artisanry of four generations melted and melded into one as Opulenzo brings luxury to you. No holds barred.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Didn’t quite like the product? Stress not.

With our 30 day money back guarantee we make sure that you don’t break a sweat when the delivered product doesn’t quite match what you wanted.


Lifetime Exchange & Buyback

Eyeing some new design while you hold the one you already own, wishing that they’d miraculously swap places?

At Opulenzo, we’re all about magic.

Exchange your old Opulenzo jewellery at the current price with minimal deductions and upgrade your style simply because you can.

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Personal Shopper

Customization is the need of the hour. An essentiality to celebrate You. So why would we expect you to settle down on already existent designs? Opulenzo aims to be more than just a luxury jewellery website. Hence, we aim to provide you a canvas where you let your creativity soar with all its flair. Wearing your ideas is not something just fashion designers do. Be your own designer!

Let’s get Personal

Value Chain

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” is an adage as old as time. And though times may have changed, this adage sits at the core of every endeavour we undertake — your savings. Cancelling out any additional pricing that would damage your pockets, Opulenzo offers you diamond jewellery at unbeatable prices. Here’s our secret on how we do it.

Saving Galore!

6 simple Tricks

It’s probably cost you a pretty penny to purchase that ravishing piece of jewellery, hasn’t it? A couple extra bucks well spent as far as we’re concerned, but it would be a shame to see it lose its luster prematurely. Here are a few unbelievably easy ways to give your bling that second wind!

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